My Story: What Happened On The Stairwell With Zainab – Ben Narrates

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Zainab was pretending not to notice his hands on her thighs but the way he stroked her was getting her very excited.

She was sitting next to him and the air was thick with S3@.x:’ual tension. Zainab and Ben did everything together since they met in their freshman year at the university.

There was something very sensual about sitting together in a class at night, studying for their test the next day.

There were about ten students in the classroom, most of whom were engrossed in their books, trying to cram as much information into their brain before their test the next morning.

Zainab and Ben were no exemption. While they arrived at the class, fully intending to study, the stillness of the night and the coziness of being together when all else was quiet was very erotic.
Zainab was pretending not to notice his hands on her thighs but the way he stroked her was getting her very excited.

After studying, Zainab decided she had had enough and wanted to head back to her hostel. Ben held her hand and they walked together.

As they passed through the quiet stairwell in the Faculty of Law building, Ben stopped suddenly. He turned to Zainab who had felt her excitement building all evening. She did not need to hear any words as they started to kiss.

She was hoping they would get a couple of minutes of necking in so she could feel a less restless. She wanted to F**.Ck him but the idea of F**.Cking in the stairwell made her nervous, seeing as anyone could walk past.

She kissed him back passionately and felt her desire take control. He kissed her fervently, pushing her against the stair-rail.

She felt the excitement build in her belly as he reached underneath her blouse and stroked her B@.0bs through her bra.

As soon as his fingers made contact with her N!.pplss, she lost it. She moaned hard as she felt her legs begin to quiver and the liquid warmth between her legs.

Ben unzipped his trousers, sat on one of the stairs and held her hand so she can join him. She walked on over to him, raised her skirt, pushed down her panties, turned her back towards him and bent to get his hard d.!ck in her Pu.$$y.

Knowing they only had a couple of minutes, Zainab F**.Cked his hard and fast as soon as she had the d.!ck in her.

She excitedly pushed back on his d.!ck as it slipped in and out of her. She bit her lips, trying not to moan out loud as the d.!ck kept hitting and unravelling the coil of desire in her belly.

Ben groaned as Zainab F**.Cked him, enjoying the feel of her ass as it bounced again and again on his thighs.
As Zainab began getting close to org@.$m, her bouncing became even more intense and more desperate. She could not help the moan that escaped from her lips as she came hard on him.

She did not stop F**.Cking him, however, so he soon groaned, held on to her and found his own climax.
As they walked hand in hand back to her hostel that evening, Zainab was nothing short of glad that she had a man like Ben.

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