Confession Story: My desire

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My org@.$m builds and overwhelmed me, my thighs quiver and shake. I gasped, moaned and squirmed on the bed.

I was horny. That much was clear. I spent the day with my body abuzz with need and my clit throbbing softly, reminding me of its presence, my arousal.

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All day at school, I could hardly sit still. During classes, I dragged my bum intermittently on the wooden chair, willing the friction to help quench my need. It did not work.

Everyone became an object of desire. Men and women. I watched them go about their day and imagined their N@kkd bodies underneath their clothes.

I was not very fond of pleasing myself in public restrooms so I had a feeling I would have to wait until I got back home.

The BRT bus was cramped on my way back. A guy stood behind me as I was squished while standing against one of the poles. Each time the bus jerked, I felt my body push tighter towards the pole.

I spread my legs a little bit, hoping that somehow, squeezing against the pole would provide my groin with some much-needed contact.

With each sudden halt of the bus through traffic, the guy behind me bumped a little into me. My ass was gloriously against his crotch when he did this.

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I imagined him pulling down his trousers and simply stroking my behind with his As I thought about this, I pushed forward towards the pole again and I fought the temptation to grind desperately against it.

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At the next stop, the bus picked up more passengers, causing the guy behind me to be pushed even tighter against my ass. I welcomed the contact.

I felt him trying to adjust so I was not offended. I was far from offended. Slowly, hoping he would not notice, I began to shift my ass closer to his front. I moved against him ever-so-gently so he would not notice.

I slowly moved so I was firmly in front of his d.!ck and I was rewarded with a tiny jerk of his He stopped trying to adjust from me and moved even closer so his d.!ck was almost lying between my ass.

My breath caught with arousal as I wished, more than anything, that this strange guy will pull down my skirt and F**.Ck me silly. The hard metal rod presses against my stomach and mound while his shaft presses back against me.

My mind is abuzz and my senses were overloaded. I felt a trickle of perspiration on the back of my neck and then a slight dampness between my thighs as the pole pressed against the front of my skirt.

We reached the next stop and there was a usual exchange of passengers. I looked back and my mystery man was gone. I sighed. Only a few more minutes, I would be home.

I could literally smell my arousal as I walked through the door. I hurriedly entered my bedroom and took off my clothes. I reach behind my back and unclasp my bra, tossing it aside, my bre@.$ts free and N!.pplss hard.

I searched at the back of the closet for my vibrator. When I found it, I went straight to my bed.

I slid my fingers through the dark curly hair that covered my mound, I touched myself directly for the first time all day. My touch was like an electric shock as I slid a finger into my wetness and then up to my oh so sensitive clit.

To intensify the pleasure I pinched my N!.ppls and tugged it upward, pulling it taut as I arched my back up off the bed.

Spreading my legs wide, I plunged my middle finger back into my Pu.$$y and brought it up to my clit again and rubbed it vigorously.

I reached over and grasped my dildo, coating it with some of the juices from my fingers before I slid it into my wet hole. My body contracted around it as I pushed it deep, and I moaned loudly.

Oh God yes, I moaned to myself. As I F**.Cked myself with the dildo, I rub my clit furiously with my fingers.

I needed this so badly. As my pleasure built, I turned over face down on the bed, the dildo still protruding from my Pu.$$y, pressing down onto the bed sheets, my tits mashed into the sheets.

I continued to F**.Ck myself with the dildo as the pleasure built. I gasped and moaned as I did myself. My fingers worked on my clit as the hard, thick shaft filled my craving body.

My org@.$m builds and overwhelmed me, my thighs quiver and shake. I gasped, moaned and squirmed on the bed.

My writhing body collapsed on the shaft as my Pu.$$y contracted and pulsed, trying to pull it in even deeper.

My org@.$m subsided and I laid on the bed sheets, my desires, at least for the moment, met.

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