Confession Story: Fun with My Friend’s Girl (18+)

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She pushed her Pu.$$y so my d.!ck slid sweetly in and out of her hot, wet Pu.$$y.

The party was not half bad. Granted, it was taking place in Biyi’s living room but all in all, things were moving along.

I came along with my girlfriend but my eyes kept roaming the room, especially to Biyi’s new girl. She was not that much to look at, but her huge B@.0bs caught my attention. I wondered how come I had never met her. She danced with him and rubbed those tits against his chest. I envied him so much at that point that I almost want to punch him in the face.

Later that evening, I noticed her standing at a corner of the room.

“Hi, I am Dayo,” I said to her.

“Hey Dayo, Biyi has told me a lot about you, I am Sarah,” she said. She looked across the room to where my girl was standing, chatting with a few other girls.

“Oh, that’s my girlfriend,” I said, answering the unasked question. She nodded at me. I used that opportunity to glance towards her chest again. The cleavage-revealing dress she wore was certainly not helping matters. I wanted to bury myself in her.

She cleared her throat. She had caught me looking. I smiled sheepishly and went back to my girl.

At this point, I was already feeling a physical reaction to Sarah. I think she noticed too because I would see her shoot me a glance from time to time. My erection was now straining against my trousers and I needed a release.

“Want to get a little naughty?” I whispered to my girl.

She smiled, knowing what I wanted. I suggested we sneak into Biyi’s bedroom and enjoy a quickie.

She was the first to sneak away from the party to the bedroom. After a couple of minutes, I went and knocked softly on the door. She opened and pulled me in. She then unzipped my trousers and went on her knees to get me off.

Her mouth covered my aching d.!ck and soon, as she sucked, I was thrusting desperately into her mouth until, keeping her head steady, I let out my pent-up arousal.

After swallowing my cum, she got up to sneak out of the room. Again, I let her go first, hoping to give it a couple of seconds just in case someone was nearby.

I opened the door to leave only to come face to face with Sarah. She pushed me back in.

“Really, dude? At your friend’s party?” She said, accusation in her tone.

I tried to say something but she halted my words with her lips.

“I hope you have enough for two,” She said.

I could not believe my luck. She pulled up her dress, moved me towards the bed where I sat and she unzipped my trousers.

Knowing I was about to have the true object of my lust had excited me and my d.!ck was throbbing hard again. She pulled out my d.!ck, still a little damp from my girl’s mouth and moved her legs over to straddle me.

She pushed her Pu.$$y so my d.!ck slid sweetly in and out of her hot, wet Pu.$$y. As she moved, her tits were grazing against my face. I brought up my hands to grab them both and put her N!.ppls in my mouth. She moaned and moved on my with more urgency. I licked and sucked on her B@.0bs until she quaked and came all over me.

After she came, she began grinding against me. I felt my own org@.$m building. I held on to her waist to urged her to continue bouncing on my as I tittered on the edge. She did as I wanted and began to move her hips in an up-and-down motion until her walls tightened against me and I came hotly into her Pu.$$y.

She got up and started to get dressed.

This time, I was the one who snuck out of the bedroom first. I returned to the party. I saw my girl standing at a corner. She looked at me questioningly, wondering what took me so long. I smiled and walked on over to her. I gave her a kiss and she seemed to relax. I truly hope I got away with that.

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