Confession Story: Double Quickie (18+)

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I crouched in front of him and quickly licked him clean before slipping his Pen.!s pack into his trousers.

“I must thank you all, each and every one of you, personally for a very successful week.

All of your hard work has paid off. Have a good weekend and see you all again Monday,” my boss was saying.

I leant back on my chair, watching him speak. He had such passion for his job.

I think this was one of the first things that attracted me to him. We have been enjoying a torrid office affair for weeks now. I looked around at my colleagues who surrounded me.

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I wondered if any of the 6 other young men and women seated here suspected that their highly disciplined and workaholic boss is having regular S3@.x:’ with the sweet, young and newly married exec sitting before them. This thought gave me a little thrill in my belly.

“Mrs Kuti, would you be so kind as to remain a few minutes.”

I nodded and remained seated as the rest of the staff filed out of his office.

“I can’t stay. My husband is already waiting for me downstairs,” I started to tell him.

He smiled as he reached behind me to unzip my skirt.

“Sorry, but my need is greater than his right now,” he said.

My pencil skirt slipped over my hips and slid with a rustle to the floor. He also slid my white thong over my buttocks and it joined the skirt on the floor.

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He came behind me and ran his finger along my Pu.$$y. I moved my feet apart to give him access and he slid a finger into gently into my Pu.$$y. He kept moving his finger in and out until I had become moist.

“Hurry,” I said, “I don’t have much time.”

I heard him unzip his fly to extract his

He took his d.!ck and ran the head up and down my Pu.$$y lips until the tip was coated in my juice. He then slowly entered me.

He stilled a moment and withdrew. A quiet groan escaped my lips. He then began to pump in and out of me with more enthusiasm. I moved my waist so I was bent over and could enjoy the angle with which he entered.

As he F**.Cked me faster, I could feel his org@.$m coming. I tightened the muscles of my Pu.$$y around him and braced my hand against the desk. He grabbed my hips and pulled me even closer to his crotch. With a final thrust, he held me tightly as he began to pulse into my throbbing cunt.

After waiting a few moments, I pulled away. I crouched in front of him and quickly licked him clean before slipping his Pen.!s pack into his trousers.

I pulled up my thong and skirt, zipped up and left the office.

“What took you so long?” Ayo asked as I slid into the passenger’s seat of his car.

“Just had to round up a thing or two with my boss,” I said, with a hidden smirk as I leaned in to give my husband a kiss.

The drive home was pretty uneventful. I used the quiet time to reflect on the quickie with my boss. While it was fun, I was not able to climax. I did not mind, I would rather leave that honour for my man anyway.

As we entered, I went straight to the bedroom to take a shower to wash off the proof if my affair dripping down my legs. I heard him enter the room behind me.

“Would you like to come join me?” I called out to him.

I did not hear a response, but in seconds, he had entered into the shower, and he was unclothed. I smiled at him. He had never been one to say no to my body.

We were kissing under the shower as water cascaded down our bodies. He turned me around and move to stand behind me the way my boss did an hour ago.

It was arousing knowing I was about to enjoy another quickie, the second time that afternoon. His, already engorged, slid easily into me. I was still wet from F**.Cking my boss and from thinking about F**.Cking my husband.

He kissed my neck as he slid in and out of me. I brought down one hand to stroke my Pu.$$y as we F**.Cked. I was moaning and crying out but the sound of water drowned the noise.

I began to stroke myself even harder as he started entering me deeper, I bit my lips as I came hard around him. He did not stop F**.Cking me.

I held on tight to the shower tap as his thrusts became faster. I squeezed my walls around his and he groaned loudly and with a few urgent thrusts, he came inside me. I moved my ass against him, reached down for my Pu.$$y again so I could org@.$m right along with him.

We both cleaned each other off in the shower, then enjoyed a cosy evening under the duvet before dinner.

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