Two Men Beheaded For Performing Magic In Libya By ISIS

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Two men accused of being ‘sorcerers’ have been beheaded in a public square by ISIS for practising ‘magic’.  The victims, both wearing blindfolds and dressed in trademark orange jumpsuits, are flanked by a pair of masked executioners in the latest horrifying video from the terror group.

Footage shows the two men with their arms bound behind their backs being held by the neck in the Libyan square.
They are then led to a block where they kneel and await the executioners’ blades as a huge crowd watches.

When the men, one who appears to be elderly, are killed, the audience shouts “Allahu Akbar”.   The video ends with the corpses being thrown into an ambulance.

It is thought there are as many as 2,000 jihadists in Libya trying to impose Sharia law.   Military officials from the UK and US said that as ISIS loses ground in Syria and Iraq, the terror group has edged further into Libya.

The group has started to impose a warped interpretation of Islam the people of port city of Sirte, banning music, forcing women to wear veils and crucifying people.


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