Suspicious Boyfriend Uses Snapchat To Expose Cheating Girlfriend (Photos)

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For those who love sending n*de and semi-n*ude pictures to strangers, i hope you learn a lesson from this.

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 A man who thought his girlfriend was cheating on him caught her by making a fake Snapchat account then got her to send him some snaps.

The unnamed woman’s photos have now been shared around the world through Facebook.

The sneaky boyfriend, who wants to remain anonymous, created a Snapchat account posing as one of his mates and immediately started  talking to his own girlfriend.

However it wasn’t long until she decided it was time to unwittingly send her own boyfriend some s*xy snaps.

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The boyfriend, childishly took to Facebook to have his revenge, and posted the photos. He also made sure to tag her in them, as well as the fake account and captioned the photos.

He raged:

    Here (blank)… These snaps from (blank) were meant for you.

    I finally caught her and had to pretend I was you so here you man I’m done with her.
This could be considered as ‘revenge porn…’

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Please ladies and gents, be careful who you send pictures of your int:mate parts to, avoid stories that touch and embarrass…

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