SEE The 11-Year-Old Soccer Prodigy Who ‘Juggles Almost Anything With His Feet’

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An 11-year-old soccer prodigy shared a video online showing how he uses his feet to juggle “almost anything,” including an egg and an Xbox controller.

The video, posted to YouTube by Football Jugglerz, features 11-year-old Jonathan showing off his fanciest footwork by juggling items including shaving cream, an egg, an extension cord, keys, an Xbox controller, a roll of Scotch tape, a bar of soap, a yellow highlighter and — naturally — a soccer ball.

The video boasts Jonathan can juggle “almost anything with his feet.”

Previous videos posted to the channel feature the boy performing feats including juggling a soccer ball while playing George Michael‘s “Careless Whisper” on a saxophone, juggling a soccer ball while walking up stairs and solving a Rubik’s cubewhile juggling a soccer ball.



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