PHOTOS: Angry Youths Protest Against Neglect Of The Community By Oil Depots

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A group under the aegis of Ibasa/Ijegun Egba Concerned Youth Association on Monday, December 7, held a press conference over the misplacement of priority, neglect of the community by some oil depots situated within the local government area Sattelite Town Lagos, at the Ibasa Town Hall.

A group under the aegis of Ibasa/Ijegun Egba Concerned Youth Association on Monday, December 7, held a press conference over the misplacement of priority
Read their statement below:
The Regent Of Ibasa/Ijegun Egba Community,
The Council Of Elders,
Market Women,
Youth Members,
The General Audience,
Gentlemen Of The Press.
“We are members of the Ibasa/Ijegun Egba Concerned Youth Association. Our association was formed out of necessity to salvage our community from consecutive neglect by successive governments in Lagos State, Local Development Areas, Private companies and some environmental agencies. Our community is an island within the Lagos suburb.
It’s a community that is dated back to the last 1000 years, with rich history and culture.
A cross section of residents at the press conference
To our utter dismay, the community is neglected from the centre despite the fact lots of good site for housing estate quarters are built on our community land such as: Golf Estate, CBN Quarters an Training Center, Nigerian Navy Baracks, National Liberary Quarters, Fin-Niger Estate, Chevron Estate, Shell Estate, First Bank Training Center, Doyin Estate, Satellite Primary School, Satellite Secondary School, Oriade Medical Heath Center and above all Head Quarters of Oriade Local Council Development Area, Amuwo Ododfin Local Government Area .

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Most of our children who are fearful of crossing the water to the other side often find it difficult to navigate their ways to the Uplands and this often hamper their education.
However with the coming in of oil companies in our community, we had a sigh of relief that things will get better and progress to best but to our utmost surprise we realize that the coming in of these oil companies which suppose to be blessing to our community now become a curse to our community, also, the various oil depots went ahead to parley with some non-indigene which are alien to the community in order to deny the community of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Since the coming in of about ten existing oil depots to our community for the last ten years of continuous lifting of oil, we have experienced oil spillage, environmental degradation and deplorable state of our roads due to the movements of heavy duty vehicles and trucks owned by various oil depots which plies our roads to and fro from Abule-Ado, Alakija, Fin-Niger to the Ibasa Jetty.
Gentlemen of the press, we have approached the OIL COMPANIES to see how they can end poverty, protect the environment, end hunger, achieve food security and nutrition, ensure healthy lives and promote well being for all at all ages, ensure equitable and quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunites for all, ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation, ensure access to affordable reliable sustainable and modern energy for all, promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all, build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation, make cities and human settlement inclusive, safe resilient and sustainable, conserve and sustainable use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable developments, protect restore and reverse land degradation and halt bio diversity loss and, create an agenda that will enhance prosperity for all as part of new sustainable development goals 2015. According to UN Climate change conference September, 25 2015 which states that for these lofty goals government and private sectors must be on deck.
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Nigeria as a country of 166 million, with attendance poverty rate of 62.55% with per capita income $1280 and human development index 0.47. However reports around the world reveals frightening extent to which humanity is increasingly confronted, by vices across the globe, people and their environment have become increasingly susceptible to different forms of disease, man-made or natural. According to UNDP report of Novemner 2nd, 2015 it was reported that the following factors are problems militating against the effective success of MDG goals before moving to the SDG’S among those things are, oil price volatilities, militancy in the Niger-Delta, Boko Haram and the rising wave of insecurity, the impact of flooding and erosion, farmers herdsmen clashes, environmental degradation and desertification.
From the above we have sent letters to the twenty oil depots within the community, we sent on 16th November, 23rd November and 30th November requesting for a meeting between the youths of the community and the depots manager but up till today no response was gotten from them infact some of the depots were trying to evade service.

As part of the facts that we are peace loving people and we will not like to behave like the militants we want to bring to the notice of the whole public that the oil depots are not cooperating with youths and the elders within the community. We have heard several informations where the depots managers are trying to divide us, we shall resist that with all our weights because our aim is sustainable developments in our community.
On this note we are embarking on a peaceful protest on the 14th December to force the oil companies to terms as to what to do within our community, because he who make peaceful change inevitable will make violent change inevitable.”

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