Corruption At Itamerin Junction, Ago Iwoye

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BIKE-MAN: (parked his bike beside the gentleman) Yes! Where are you going to?
RICHARD: I’m going to Mariam, how much is it?
BIKE-MAN: Do you know the place?
RICHARD: I don’t know the place, I’m a “fresher”. How may you help me to the place sir?
BIKE-MAN: hah-aha! “awon omo fresher” .Okay! The place is very far, but I will just help you. So, can you pay me #250 ?

RICHARD: Okay sir, but are you sure you know the place?
BIKE-MAN: Take a look at me, I’ve been an Okadaman for over 5 years. So, let’s go , once you are ready to pay me.
RICHARD: Alright sir, thank you. (he mounts the bike and they exit)

That’s the rate at which corruption spread like a wildfire in our country. Simply because Richard is new to the town, the Bike-man had to increase the price of the transport fare. The normal price is #50 , but because the guy was sincere with the man that he’s a fresh-student of the University ,the Bike-man believes that Richard knows little or nothing about the transport charges.

We Nigerians will cast all the blame on our government for the ‘decay” of our dear nation. We ourselves have our own role to play in re-building Nigeria. We all clamour for better Nigeria; an Bike-man that I suggest would belong to lower class in the society, can be so corrupt and inhumane to his fellow Nigerian. It is our time for New-era .

Let’s try as much as possible to make for better Nigeria. We must try to say NO to corruption and be humane to our fellow Nigerian. It’s not until we are billionaire or a politician before we can crave for better Nigeria, even the worst citizen can be an agent of change.

Let’s not forget the words of Nelson Mandela; “it’s always seem impossible until it’s done” .

Better Nigeria is possible.

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