Beauty Blogger Decides To Rinse Her Hair With Coca Cola And This Is What Happened…

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People are always looking for the next best thing when it comes to beauty–and this beauty blogger went to great lengths to test one peculiar beauty

Beauty blogger Ellie decided to try out a coca cola hair rinse that she had heard about online, popularized by model Suki Waterhouse.

The coca cola rinse is supposed to turn your locks into textured, tousled waves, and though it’s recommended for people with thin, limp hair,
Ellie decided to give it a trail.

She explains how only one can is needed for short hair, but she decided to use two bottles, considering her hair is both long and on the thicker side. She got to it, pouring the coke over
her hair as she hovered over a bowl. Though she tried for minimal mess, there was quite a bit of spill. If you’re going to try this yourself, you’d be
better off doing it over the bathtub!

Once her hair is wet with cola, she hops in the shower to rinse it out. You’re supposed to then either let it air dry, or dry it yourself. Ellie chooses
to dry it.

The result is pretty surprising, doing pretty much exactly what it’s supposed to! Ellie’s hair is definitely textured, and there are even quite a
few waves!

She said that her hair feels a little bit dry, as if she had sprayed it with saltwater, but it’s not necessarily crunchy.

She even says that she would try it again, and that she was very impressed! So, for Ellie, this beauty
hack was a holy grail, and not a fail!

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