Shocking Story Of A Food Seller Using Snake For Her Business | Click Here To Read.

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There was this restaurant in lagos Nigeria where people eat food, popularly known as (mama put).

The woman in charge have been using a very big snake to run the business.
She put a very big snake in her pot of soup, then after cooking the stew, she will pour it ontop of the snake (life snake)

The snake will be there untill she cook another stew and pour it aswell.
She never allow the stew to exhaust before cooking another.

This thing was the secret behind her business and she was very successful in that business, she had many customers that even drag to eat her food.

Oneday she went out forgetting that her stew was almost going down, that she ought to cook another and pour it in that pot before it gets down to the level where the snake was.

None of her sales girls knew that a mighty snake is in their pot of soup.
so as she went out, customers are coming here and there, infact, many customers are there eating, and the pot of stew was going down.

So as the soup went down to the level were the snake was, one of the sales girl came to take some stew to serve a customer’s food, she noticed that something is moving inside the pot, as she checked it, Lo! And behold! It was a very huge snake.

She ran out with fear and raised an alarm. People gathered and they waited for there madam to come back (the owner of the restaurant) but she never came back because she might have gotten the sign that her charm has failed.

Some of the eaters in the restaurant began to vomit, some where crying while some where regretting.

This is a true life story learn from it.

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