SHOCKER: Shameless Naked Female Bike Rider Caused Stir As She Rode Round Russian City 

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Wearing just a tiny thong, high heels and a helmet, she was spotted zooming on the back of a motorbike in the city of Rostov on Don, in south-western Russia’s Rostov Oblast region.

The video, which was an instant hit when it was uploaded to social media, shows the girl whipping off her white bra when the driver stops to give it to a friend as well as a package in a yellow envelope.

Then the pair weave through the autumnal evening traffic, causing mixed reactions from other motorists.

Some saw the funny side and gave a thumbs up but others shouted at the girl.

SHOCKER: The shameless woman rode naked on the bike

STUNT: The woman paraded around in nothing but a thong

In return she gives them a one-fingered remark back.

The naked bike riding craze seems to be taking off in Russia as several other women have been videoed doing the same thing, although they were all in the western Russian city of Voronezh, in the Voronezh Oblast region.

As both these riders have yet to be identified it is unclear what the purpose of the naked trip was.

Some users of the local Internet forum suggest that the girl just wants to become famous, like her counterparts in Voronezh.




“Why would she do this? Her body is far from ‘wowing’ people”

An Internet user

Others think that the reason for the naked performance was a lost bet.

Others on the local Rostov on Don Internet forum commented that the whole ‘show’ was horrible.

Another said: “Why would she do this? Her body is far from ‘wowing’ people.”

User Vatnik stated that the worst thing of all is that the rider ignored several road signs which could have caused an accident.

Source: UK Daily Star

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