Police Hunts Parents Who Forced Toddler To Drink Beer, Smoke In Shocking Video Footage

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A man, who had inspired his toddler to drink beer, smoke is being hunted by police after a video was shared on Social Media.

The incident, it was learnt was captured at a café in Spain.

The 35-second video footage which shows a man, thought to be Romanian, sitting with the boy on his lap and encouraging him to smoke was shared on Facebook by Daniel Tecu in Romania, who asked people to identify the two adults in the video.

The man, who is presumed to be the boy’s father, puts a cigarette in the child’s mouth and then lets him drink beer, before offering him another puff of the cigarette.The toddler then continues drinking and smoking.


One of them tells the boy: “That’s what being a real man is all about,” the Daily Mirror reports.

Later in the video, the boy goes to put a cigarette in the man’s mouth, who takes it from him and puts it in the toddler’s mouth instead. The other man then lights the cigarette while laughing.

“This man has to lose his parental rights. Childcare officials should do something,” said Doina Dicu on Facebook.

Authorities are reportedly still looking for the men in the video.

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