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Janice was arrested the following day. After much interrogation, she kept insisting she won’t say anything until she sees the DCO himself, so Jake went into her interrogating room.
Jake – “Just sit there Janice, don’t stand”
Janice – “Did you order this? Jake? Did you order my arrest?”
Jake – “No, I didn’t”
Janice – “Oh! Don’t give me that crap. Why did you do it? What’s your evidence? Do you need a promotion that badly?”
Jake – “My boys told me you’ve been insisting you don’t know anything about Prof. Smart’s death and you won’t say anything until you see me. Now that am here, will you tell me what happened? Why did you kill Prof. Smart?”
Janice – “What do you expect me to say Jake? Do you want me to confess to a crime I didn’t commit so you can get promoted?”
Jake – “Really? What you didn’t do? Say that again after watching this”.

Jake played the CD for Janice and she became very sober when she saw herself, her whole body was shaking and she couldn’t control herself.
Jake – “Now tell me Janice. Did you or did you not kill them both?”
Janice – “Jake you know I wouldn’t do such a thing”
Jake – “I know? I don’t know you at all. The one thing I’m sure of is that you are not a type of person that gives empty threats. Have you forgotten you threatened me many times and you always end up fulfilling your threats” Janice was just weeping profusely. “Just say the truth Janice, I can help you. You know I loved you and no wonder you said as long as I’m in the police, you’ll be safe”
Janice – “I’m I still safe Jake?”
Jake – “It depends; you’ll be safe if you tell me the truth then I’ll know how I can help you”
Janice – “The truth is I didn’t mean to kill Prof Smart, it was an accident. I wanted him to be my father-in-law you know. I heard from Raymond that he was going to announce Raymond and Freda’s engagement in the award ceremony. So all I did was kidnap him so he won’t be able to attend the award ceremony. But he was stubborn, that was why the boys I hired beat him to death and threw him on the road and unfortunately a car had ran over him. I didn’t order his death, I love Raymond so much and I don’t want to lose him to Freda or anyone else. Jake please help me, Raymond doesn’t know and he must not hear about this. Please”

Jake – “Okay. But why did you date me if you are so much in love with Raymond?”
Janice – “I wanted to use you; since you are a police officer if you love me well enough you can cover my mistakes”
Jake – “Hmm. What about Senator Davies? Did you kill him too?”
Janice – “It was Prof. Smart. He killed him before he could withdraw his investments and continued with the engagement plans between their children so he could divert the public’s attention”
Jake – “How did you find out about that?”
Janice – “Through the boys I sent to kidnap Prof Smart. He had given the Davies’ job to them but refused to pay their balance maybe that’s why they killed him out of annoyance. But I didn’t know about that they only told me about it after his death”
Jake – “Okay”
Janice – “Help me Jake, will you?”
Jake – “Sure. The help I’ll render you is to inform your family to get you a good lawyer because how long you’ll stay in jail depends on how good your lawyer is”
Janice – “Jail? Oh No, Jake. Please don’t do that. Just let me go, I’ll go back to the states and never come back to Nigeria”
Jake – “Inspector Bryan… take her to the cell and meet me in my office”
Janice – “Cell? Jake please”.

Janice was taken to the cell and Jake returned to his office with Bryan.
Jake – “Bryan, have this. That’s the recording of our conversation. I want you to inform the Smart’s family about the latest development and also inform Janice’s family so they can get her a lawyer. I will forward the report of the case to the prosecuting office myself; just make sure you prepare the report before the close of work today”
Bryan – “Alright sir”
Jake – “You may leave now”
Bryan – “Yes sir, but can I ask you a question?”
Jake – “Go ahead”
Bryan – “You seemed very familiar with Janice, do you know her outside this investigation?”
Jake – “Well, she is my ex”
Bryan – “Ex? Is it before or after Raymond sir?”
Jake – “Go and figure that out on your own Bryan. You should leave now”.

Bryan left the office and Jake thought about the whole saga, he still couldn’t believe that Janice killed Prof Smart, that explained why Janice was in his house on the night of the murder and she was asking him abvout the case that hasn’t even been announced on TV. Jake still couldn’t come to terms with the fact that he ate and dined, even had sex with a murderer.

Five months later, Janice was sentenced to life imprisonment. Raymond couldn’t believe it when he heard she was responsible for his father’s death. He kept apologizing to Jake concerning his foolishness to kidnap Jake.

Jake still find it hard to look into Janice’s eyes that was why he skipped the hearing, but Freda went to the hearing and brought back the news to Jake.
Freda – “She received a life sentence”
Jake – “I anticipated that. I know she wouldn’t get less”
Freda – “How do you feel?”
Jake – “Not too excited as I should have been for catching Prof. Smart’s and Senator Davies’ murderer”
Freda – “But you even got promoted. You should at least be happy”
Jake – “I know. Freda?”
Freda – “Yes?”
Jake – “I want to thank you for your help on this case. This wouldn’t have been possible without you, we probably will still be in the dark if it hadn’t be for your help”
Freda – “No need to thank me Jake, I was also doing that for my father”
Jake – “One more thing Freda”
Freda – “Yes?”
Jake – “I have one last request. It’s okay if you say no, I’ll understand”
Freda – “What is your request?”
Jake – “answer this question first. Can you go out with a police man, I mean date a policeman?
Freda – “Not really, but if the policeman is someone I know, it will be a yes”
Jake – “Okay let me put the question right. Will you be my girlfriend please?”
Freda – “I guess I don’t have a better answer than yes”
Jake – “Really?”
Freda – “Yes Jake, I’ll be more than happy to be the girlfriend of the most honest policeman I’ve ever known”
Jake – “Thanks Freda, I love you”
Freda – “I love you too Jake”


Written by: TEE SILVA


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