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Jake sat behind his desk in his office thinking. Three weeks into the case of Professor Smart’s murder, yet no lead as to who the murderer was and why he was murdered. His investigations has led him into discovering many things which he hope are not true. He was lost in his thoughts when he heard a knock on his door.
Jake – “Yes come in please. Oh Bryan, anything?”
Bryan – “I brought my report on the Smart and Davies case”
Jake – “Okay okay, what did you find?”
Bryan – “The reason for their discoid was because Raymond refused to marry Senator Davies’ daughter”
Jake – “How? I don’t understand”
Bryan – “Senator Davies and Prof. Smart were friends and business partners. Senator Davies invested into the oil plantation of the Smart’s family with the hope that Raymond who is the apparent heir to the plant would marry his only daughter, Freda and become his son-in-law. Raymond refused when he heard of the arrangement, so Professor Smart disowned his son and sent him out of his house. On hearing about Raymond’s rejection, Senator Davies threatened to withdraw all his investments in the oil plantation and this led to a clash between the two friends”

Jake – “Hmmm. That’s a long story. But do you know why Raymond refused to marry Freda?”
Bryan – “Because he was in love with a girl he met in the states, Janice Richardson”
Jake – “Janice Richardson?! O M G! how long have they been in a relationship?”
Bryan – “As far back as the states, I don’t know exactly when but Raymond came back to Nigeria three years ago, then Janice followed the following year”
Jake –  “In other words, their relationship is over three years?
Bryan – “Yes sir”
Jake – “Okay. Nice one Bryan. Leave the file with me, I’ll go through it and call you if there is something I don’t understand”

Bryan doffed his hat and left Jake’s office. Jake dropped his head on his desk. He was confused. Who exactly is Janice and why is she in a relationship with him? He knew she schooled in the states but she never mentioned having a boyfriend in the states, and to think she denied ever knowing Raymond, she is definitely hiding something.

Jake brought out his cell phone and dialed Janice’s number.
“Hello baby”, Janice voice came on line.
Jake – “Hello dear… how are you?… I called to ask if you can meet me up tonight after work… okay… I’ll have dinner delivered to my house… Chinese food? … is 7pm okay?… take care”.

Jake decided that he would secretly investigate Janice. He put a call through to the Chinese restaurant and told them to deliver food to his house by 6:30pm. At 5pm, Jake was already in his car driving home. He wanted to have freshened up before Janice’s arrival so he won’t be distracted. When he got home, he showered, put on a polo shirt and joggers and sat in front of his TV. When the delivery came, he set the table. He was about dropping the last towel when the doorbell rang, Janice has arrived. He went to answer the door but when he opened the door he saw a jeep driving off.
“Who is that driving off?”, he asked.
Janice – “The cab that dropped me”
“That definitely not a cab”, Jake thought.

“Come on Jake, is that the welcome I deserve?”, Janice whined.
Jake – “I’m sorry dear. Welcome, come on in. Dinner is set, let’s go have some food”
Janice – “WOW! Jake… what’s the occasion?
Jake – “Don’t tell me you forgot today is our anniversary”
Janice – “Today? Is today 19th? Oh my gawd! I totally forgot! I’m sorry baby. It’s just that I have a lot on my mind recently”
Jake – “A lot? What could possibly be bothering you? Well, sit down and let’s eat while you tell me the lots on your little mind”
Janice – “Wow! Everything looks and smells delicious”
Jake – “Why not have a taste”
Janice – “Hmm… tasty”
Jake – “I’m glad you like it. So tell me, what are the things that you have on your mind?”
Janice – “Nothing important really, just some little stuffs. Don’t worry they don’t concern you. You only need to be concerned about your police work; I’ll be okay as long as you are in the police”
Jake – “What do you mean by you’ll be okay as far as I’m in the police?”
Janice – “No, No, what I meant is that I’ll… I mean you are a policeman and I’m your girlfriend so I shouldn’t be afraid that someone will come and murder me like they murdered Professor Smart”
Jake – “Murder you? Why would anyone want to murder you?”
Janice – “Just forget what I said Jake, nothing is going to happen to me, okay? I just need you to promise me that you’ll protect me no matter what, promise?”.

“Okay, I promise” Jake said and drew in a long breath. They finished eating and Janice cleared the table while Jake moved to the sitting room, he tuned his TV to NTA and there was the burial announcement of Prof Smart. The burial was to come up the following weekend.

“So how is Professor Smart’s case coming along Jake?”, Janice asked as she stepped into the living room.
Jake – “Well, the case is a little bit complicated. There is still no pointer to the murderer”
Janice – “Okay. Just don’t stress yourself too much, it’s not as if you will be given a promotion if you find the murderer, so I don’t see the need for you to stress yourself”
“Well, you’re right” Jake said as he switched off the TV and headed for his room, Janice followed behind him.

…to be continued!

Written by: TEE SILVA


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