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Jake was lying on his bed when Janice phone rang, since Janice was in the kitchen he decided to take the phone to her when he saw the caller’s identity was Ry.

“Ry? Who is Ry? Could it be Ray?” – he thought. He took the phone to the kitchen and gave it to Janice.

“Your phone has been ringing for a while”, Jake said as he handed the phone over to Janice. Her eyes popped out when she saw her caller’s ID, her hands were shaking and she made no move to answer the call.
Jake – “Won’t you answer that?”
Janice – “It’s nothing important”.

Jake muttered an “OKAY” and left the kitchen. Janice answered the call immediately she saw Jake left.
Janice – “Hello Ray… I’m so sorry my phone was in the room while I was in the kitchen… Have you been able to unlock the USB?… No?… What do we do now? We can’t leave if we don’t find the file… Okay… There was a news on the TV about your father’s burial… So, how are you holding up?…Just take care of yourself, you can’t fall apart okay?… I have to go now bye… love you too”.

She ended the call and Jake turned from the kitchen door where he was hiding and entered into his study. He sat behind his desk and turned the conversation he just heard over in his mind. Ray called Janice. A USB needed to be unlocked; a file needed to be found. Ray can’t fall apart, Janice love Ray. Jake had always known Janice does not love him, but if she truly loves someone else why is she still with him?

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“Baby where are you?”, Jake heard Janice called out to him. He rose up and met her at the door.
“I’m here”, he replied.
Jake – “Excuse me Janice, let me get a glass of water”
Janice – “Baby be fast about the water and meet me in the room cause I want to feel you tonight”.

Jake was sweating profusely even though the temperature wasn’t high. How could he possibly touch Janice after the conversation he just heard? Is he supposed to pretend he doesn’t know her relationship with Ray? He dropped his cup into the zinc and headed to his room. He met Janice naked on the bed and calling out to him.
“This is exactly how she has managed to trick me all this while – good sex”, Jake thought. Well for now, he has to play along. Jake pushed aside his thoughts and joined Janice on the bed for a night of wild sex.

Three days later, Jake had a lot of files crying for his attention so he invited Bryan over to his house so they could work over them together.
“Coffee or brandy?”, Jake asked Bryan.
“Brandy sir”, Bryan said
“Make yourself at home while I get you a glass”, Jake said and brought a glass of brandy for Bryan.
Jake – “Bryan, I need you to investigate that lady. I mean Janice Richardson, Raymond’s girlfriend from the states”
Bryan – “Okay sir, but can you tell me why?”
Jake – “I have a feeling she knows something”
Bryan – “Really? How do you know sir? Have you met her?”
Jake – “Not really. But just investigate her and gather every info you can get”

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Jake’s phone rang and he dismissed Bryan so he could talk to Janice on the phone.
Jake – “Hello Janice”
Janice – “Hello dear”
Jake – “Why aren’t you using your number to call me?”
Janice – “That’s because I ran out of airtime and I have to call you urgently”
Jake – “What’s so urgent?”
Janice – “Can we meet up?”
Jake –  “Sure. When?”
Janice – “I think the question should be where, please let’s meet up at De’Santos hotel”
Jake – “De’Santos? Why not my house after work?”
Janice – “Jake please don’t argue. Is 6pm okay?”
Jake – “Yes it’s okay”
Janice – “Then I’ll see you there”
Jake – “Okay”.

Jake dropped the call, Janice wants to meet up, but she doesn’t want to meet at home but in an hotel. What is she up to this time? At 5:30pm, Jake set out to leave for De’Santos. He drove to the parking lot of the hotel. He entered the bar and ordered whisky, he brought out his cell phone and called Janice.
Jake – “Hello Janice, I’m there in the bar… I should come up?… room 75? Okay then”.

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He dropped the call and climbed the stairs of the hotel to room 75, when he got to the door; he knocked and heard Janice’s voice tell him to come in.  But when he opened the door Janice was nowhere to be found.
Jake – “Janice? Where are you? He opened the bathroom door and suddenly felt something hit him on the head and he lost all consciousness.

…to be continued!

Written by: TEE SILVA


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