Diego Costa v Gabriel – funny reaction to Arsenal red card v Chelsea (Photos)

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Another game, another player to react to Diego Costa.

The Chelsea striker loves a wind up and was involved in a confrontation with Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny, which culminated in Gabriel, his Gunners team-mate being sent off by referee Mike Dean.


It was a decision that enraged the Arsenal bench and fans

However, below are some of the funnier tweets to Gabriel and Costa’s clash.


Has anyone, apart from Costa and Dean, seen Gabriel kicking Costa yet?

— Daily Cannon (@DailyCannon) September 19, 2015


The yellow for Gabriel was a joke but Christ almighty it gets even more farcical.

— Highbury Harry (@BlackScarfAFC) September 19, 2015


So Costa can slap Koscielny twice in the face and Gabriel ends up getting sent off? FA needs videos replays, absolutely horrendous.

— Forever Arsenal (@Forever_RedArmy) September 19, 2015

Animal is the kindest word I can muster to describe Costa. Even his own fans don’t know what to think of his antics. pic.twitter.com/n7ihyv0xqy

— Arsène’s Son (@hughwizzy) September 19, 2015


It’s been 3 years Costa last saw red. Here is some of his ‘fouls’ pic.twitter.com/U3eUoANt5k

— Niko (@Nikomarvel) September 19, 2015


Should we just say Mike Dean is scared of Costa? @FA. n*gga shouldn’t be a football player, go back to selling drugs pic.twitter.com/YO2YxeJaCt

— Niko (@Nikomarvel) September 19, 2015


HAHAHAHA IM CRYING 😭 French tv viewers awarded Mike Dean as MOTM 😩👌 pic.twitter.com/K1i6LuyrrR

— Niko (@Nikomarvel) September 19, 2015


One of the biggest regrets is that Kos didn’t hit the deck when Costa smacked him 3 TIMES

— Arran Farrell (@ArranAFCSTL) September 19, 2015


I miss the likes of Viera, Keown etc. they would have pushed Costa to the edge too and get him sent off.

— Damola (@jerrykeks) September 19, 2015


What happened to retrospective punishments? Why isn’t Costa getting punished for any of the stuff he’s done?

— Alex #NH27 (@hullcityfan789) September 19, 2015


Soon, you all will agree with all I’ve been saying that Costa is plain aggression and a pipe.

— Åñbï (@jawshuewar) September 19, 2015


It’s no good fans blaming the ref, Costa etc. The players have lacked discipline this week and have cost us both matches. End of. 😤

— Kris Reid (@K_Reid94) September 19, 2015


All this talk of Costa being terrible is confusing, I’ve always preferred Costa to Starbucks!

— Dan Watson (@SherlockShuffle) September 19, 2015


Mourinho says that Diego Costa was his MOTM and that he did exactly what was needed. #CFCpic.twitter.com/AyDL4BCvsy

— ChelseaTalk (@TheBlues_Talk) September 19, 2015


Costa…disgrace to the football!!! Killing the true football spirit. https://t.co/YYkxHz7PP2

— Jamir Maharjan (@jamirmaharjan) September 19, 2015


Diego Costa must be banned and charged by the FA for slapping Laurent Koscielny http://t.co/Qo55MeIerI

— Paris Hatzievagelou (@parishatzi) September 19, 2015


Lol Ibi today you people dey see say Costa be idiot ?

— . (@oluku_) September 19, 2015


Diego Costa reaches peak pantomime villain and the internet reacts BRILLIANTLY http://t.co/oUZCtbGhU1

— Zain Abiden (@ZAbiden05) September 19, 2015

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