[[Tech] Must Have Apps For Android Smartphone

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We are living in the information age, where survival for the fittest is defined by who has the most brains. This has now blended in with technology. No wonder everyone has a smartphone and at the swipe of a screen you get answers to all your questions and solutions to all your problems. The most common system software in running smartphones has to be Android. If you are using and Android enabled smartphones, here are software you must have

Clean Master

grey Must Have Apps For Android SmartphoneThe use of smartphones with system software has enabled the phone to turn to a mini computer. This thus enables you to run multiple programs at once as well as save a lot of data on your phone. Clean master helps you to manage your data and clean up your memory so that the phone does not run slowly due to numerous unnecessary data or processes.

Google Translate

grey Must Have Apps For Android SmartphoneTraveling has never been any simpler. When going to a foreign country, you no longer need a whole language translation dictionary where you look up ten words in order to form a sentence. With Google Translate app on your phone, you have immediate translation of statements, in not only words but also grammar.


Perfect App Protector

grey Must Have Apps For Android SmartphoneIf you need security over your secret and intimate conversations on Whatsapp or from that snoopy person who will go through your photos on Facebook when you leave your phone on the table, this is the software you need. You have your password that prevents others from accessing your messengers and social media platforms.



grey Must Have Apps For Android SmartphoneThis is a storage software for cloud computing. Files that you get from the internet or that your networked friend has sent you are automatically stored in here. You can also upload other files here and share them with other people.  You can get 2GB of Free storage with a free account and add more by referring it to your friends.



grey Must Have Apps For Android SmartphoneYour cell phone can also be a scanner; how cool is that? With CamScanner, you are able to scan any documents that you can across, making it efficient and easy when dealing with documents. You can even share and fax!


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