[Tech] All Folders on Flash Drive Turned into Shortcuts? (How To Solve It)

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Has it ever happened to you that all your saved files and folders on a pen drive turn into a shortcut weighing 2kb in size no matter how big a file is.

Well, seems like your PC has a malware and needs a powerful anti malware and anti virus.

But the damage has been done.

grey All Folders on Flash Drive Turned into Shortcuts (Solved)

So, do you lose all your important files? well, if you haven’t formatter your device, there is still some hope. If you are able to see the used space as it was before getting infected. It still has your files saved.

And here is what you need to do.

grey All Folders on Flash Drive Turned into Shortcuts (Solved)

Press the Windows key + R to start a Run command. then type cmd and press Enter.

Now type the following command

attrib _h _r _s ?s ?d i:*.*

Important: The last letter would be your Flash Drive, in my case it’s I.

Hit Enter and go back to your Flash Drive folder, you would be able to see the original folders.

grey All Folders on Flash Drive Turned into Shortcuts (Solved)

Now you can delete the shortcuts and scan your Computer again using one of the Free Anti Virus  On Your PC.




NOTE: using kapersky or any other antivirus doesn’t work

1.Open Task Manager (Ctrl Alt Del) and End Process for any WSCRIPT.EXE that is currently running. (This will stop the running virus, the next steps are for preventing it from running again next time you start your computer)
2.Click on Start
3.Type REGEDIT and Tap Enter
5.Click on Software
6.Click on Microsoft
7.Click on Windows
8.Click on CurrentVersion
9.Click on Run.
10.On the list on the right find any reference to a file that ends with .vbs and take note of were that .vbs file is located
11.Go to the said location and delete the .vbs file
12.Go back to Regedit and delete the key referencing thtat said .vbs file

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