REVEALED : How Boko Haram Got Its Name – Obasanjo

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Nigeria’s Ex President Olusegun Obasanjo, in a Premium Times interview has given an insight into how terrorist group Boko Haram got its name.


Boko Haram is a branch of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and has been active in Northern Nigeria since 2009.

The name of the group means “Western” or “non-Islamic” education is a sin, and wants to impose Islamic law as the only law in Nigeria.

Speaking on how urgently leaders should respond to crisis, Obasanjo said ex President Goodluck Jonathan treated the threat with less care than he should.

“There wasn’t Boko Haram as Boko Haram. It was after I left‎ that Muhammadu Yusuf actually called… and that’s how they got the name Boko Haram.

“He called some of his followers. Because he had following. Some of them graduates. And then he said, ‘Look, bring your certificates. When did you leave university?’ He himself he’s not an illiterate. He had college education. ‘When did you finish university? ‘Three years ago.’ ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Nothing.’ ‘Your education is useless, tear your certificate.’ Some of them did, some didn’t.

“That’s how the name Boko Haram came,” he said.

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