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Ooni of Ife, Okunade Sijuwade, has arrived his palace in Ile Ife, we gathered this information from a source in the palace.

” Socoetypulse Online became aware of the development even as palace authorities and Ile-Ife high chiefs are still saying Kabiesi is very much alive.

However our source reveals to us that ” on Saturday the body of the paramount ruler left London in a chartered air ambulance on Friday and was taken to the palace under the cover of darkness.”

Our source said ” The body, is now lying in a secluded part of the palace called Ilegbo, a sacred place where all Oonis commune with their ancestors.

Ilegbo, is said to be the place where high and delicate rituals takes place within the confinement of the palace.

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It is also the place where the beaded crown, worn annually by the Ooni, is kept.

“The crown is usually worn through the back because it is forbidden for the Ooni to see the inside of the beaded crown. And when it is worn, the rain must not touch it.”

It is also revealed that only the monarch’s male children and high priests and chiefs are allowed to access that innermost recess of the palace and sight the Ooni’s remains.”

“Even the Oba’s female children can’t go there, the tradition does not allow them to sight the Oba at this time,”

The traditional chiefs had to declare the annual Oro festival on Friday in expectation of the arrival of the corpse.”

The commencement of the Oro festival, is a sign  and and the beginning of the final passage rights for the departed Ooni.”

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“The Oro will last for seven days after which the Ooni would be committed to mother earth at a private cemetary within the palace.”


Palace sources said the announcement of the Oba’s passing had to be delayed to allow his wives and family members move their personal belongings from the palace, and for the traditional priests to perform some “compulsory rituals”.

“Members of his family who were with him in London had to hurry back home to remove their personal effects because once his death is declared all their property will belong to the people. They won’t be able to
take anything from the palace anymore,” from another source .”

Palace chiefs and notable personalities from Ile-Ife have consistently denied reports that the revered monarch had passed on, a news item that first broke on Tuesday.”

Meanwhile , Their visit to the Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola, on Thursday and a closed-door meeting with the governor increase the anxiety that the Ooni might have actually passed away.”

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The outcome from the meeting is that Ooni is alive and in good health. On Osun state government part, they are yet to make any comment on the matter.”

“Oba Sijuwade’s predecessor, Oba Adesoji Aderemi died on July 3, 1980 and Mr. Okuade Sijuwade, crowned Oba on December 6, 1980.

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