Airtel NG: Step By Step Guide On How To Get Airtel 1GB Free Data For 1Month

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Change/Tweak your Imei to –> 3562410605 and add any five digits
I.E 3562410605 where
35624106050 is the original IMEI,
06417 is my random generated five digits and

After Tweaking your IMEI, send the IMEI number with “S” at the front to 232
Example: lets say the IMEI you will be using is 356241060506417, you will have to text like this,,S356241060506417 to 232

After doing that, you will get a welcome message from airtel as shown in the screenshot below

Now again, after receiving that Welcome Message, send the keyword “Join” to 141

Sit back, relax and wait for the next Congratulatory Credit Message from Airtel confirming your free 1GB data for 1month.. see screenshot below..

If you receive a message like this one above, Congrats, you have been awarded 1GB for 30 days.. just connect and browse..

but if maybe in the process, you get something or anything not related to the message in the screenshot above, Kindly make use of the another last five digit numbers

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