Daughter DJ Cuppy Tells Her Admirers – “I Am Very Approachable”, Talks Relationship With Korede Bello

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Daughter of one of the richest men in Nigeria and Africa DJ Cuppy has been gathering media attention as she embarks on an African tour.

The 21 year old spoke to Vanguard about her personal details.

Excerpts from the interview below

What do you have to say about the rumour of the romance between you and Asa Asika, your tour manager?

I think the story between Asa and me goes a long way. We have known each other for over 10 years now, even before I started as a DJ. If you look at him as an individual and the way he comes across, you will see he is a guy who knows his onions. I think I cannot do this tour without a tour manager that knows his job and also well informed like him. He is no doubt very ambitious.

I think that when we were putting the team together there were many people we considered. We taught about a new generation but the team we have here, I would say, is the best. This can be a good or bad team but all I know is that within ourselves, we put together a good team. It is also fantastic that we have a friend on board. So we are not dating and we have not dated.

Are you in any relationship now?

I can tell you that I am certainly not. Unfortunately with the tour coming and all the things we need to do, I do not have time to get in anything like that. Maybe I will find someone around Africa.

Who is your ideal man?

I am someone that is very ambitious and my career is very important to me. I am a very young individual. I like someone that is very confident and self assured, someone that is also very ambitious. Maybe in the future, that is something I will focus on or care about. For now, I am still learning about myself and I believe this tour will result in my coming back as a different person. I can tell you what I like now but I think that changes with time. Every young person is still discovering him/herself. There are prospects to that except if you have a husband for me (Laughs).

You said something on your instagram about having a crush on Koredo Bello?

Yes, the two of us always joke a lot. We always have jokes to share between ourselves. But dating is far from it. I think he is a great artiste who gets me excited as a result of his talent but nothing between us can be taken as anything serious. He is a good act and I think he has a lot of fans that look up to him.

You seem to enjoy a lot of goodwill; everybody wants to be Cuppy’s friend. How do you know those who are real?

I think everybody knows how important I feel about my relations with people. I am a very friendly person and people who come with the wrong intention tend to realise that they have to change their intention. I also think that I associate myself with very good people. I still have to say that work is not allowing me to associate the way I want. I have my friends tell me that I do not have time for them any longer. I am still trying to figure out how to handle all those things.

Do you think as the daughter of a big oil mogul, your admirers are intimidated by your father’ status?

It is something that I cannot answer because I actually do not see myself in that light. I see myself as an individual. My dad and I are two different individuals and we have differences in the way we approach life. He is somebody that has continued to support me. I have never seen myself in that light, I think I am somebody that is very approachable and I love meeting people.

Tell us about your last relationship.

That is very hard to talk about because it was a long time ago- precisely two years. Because for me, anything that’s worth doing is worth doing well. In order for me to achieve what I wanted to achieve as the Cuppy brand, I have to give more than a hundred percentage attention to that.

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