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I had a wonderful day without mincing words, I mean up until this weekend, I never presaged I would ever thread the path of such experience. Kiki is nothing near Hussein’s league, but the stud sure knows how to use his handle well. That was an experience I’ll hold dear with me forever, I’m sure he’s mature enough to know DISCRETION is the key word of our big little secret.

The thought of how he held and handled me plus how he intuitively knew what and how I wanted it. Don’t even let me talk about the satisfactory level, that successfully blew me off the roof! But my mind was made up already, there’s not going to be a repeat of this. I’ve gone too far in my relationship with Hussein to come put everything in jeopardy because of one weekend of madness. I don’t want Kiki getting some wrong and terrible ideas in his head that it would be a continuous event, so I chose to be mean and rude to him when he left my room last night.

Just before I slept, I made a new pen-pal I met online, he runs a blog which I love browsing through everyday cos it’s never a dull moment on the blog site. It’s www.thechngblog.com, you should check it out and I bet you won’t regret every minute you spend on it!. The whole thing was just too much for me to comprehend and hold in that I just had to tell him. It was only then I was able to sleep well enough through the night.

I woke up the next morning with a mild headache, prepared myself something to eat, I was sure Kiki would have gone for church mass very early, so there won’t be any awkward moment or feelings yet. I was relaxing in my bed when I heard a knock on my door, ‘O God, let it not be Kiki’, I prayed.
I asked who was it and the voice at the other end replied;
“PM…… Pelumi”

Well, that was unexpected cos I’ve neva really being friends with PM, which made me wondered what exactly he wanted from me. I went to the door and allowed him in without actually thinking.
“ehm… There’s something I’ll like to discuss with you Aishat.”

What could be so important to him that concerns me? O! He’s probably having issues with Mimi and he must think I could help, well, he’s honestly not at the wrong place but I am not in the right frame of mind to talk about a good friend which I just screwed her brother! This is like the wrongest time for this, but I’ll just pretend to be fine with it and hear him out. I thought.
“Hope it’s nothing too serious?”… I asked
“Not exactly, depending on how you take it”.. He replied.
“O, don’t worry, I’ll be fine”… I said.

He proceeded in rambling some boring stories I’m not actually interested in hearing about he and Mimi, his dear girlfriend. After about 30-45mins of talking, I was distracted from his talk by the sound of Kiki’s door open and close, indicating he was back from church, my heart skipped a bit as I suddenly became nervous. Almost immediately I heard the sound of a car drove into the compound and this PM guy brought me back to life when he suddenly stood up and said;
“F**k this! That’s actually not why I am here”
“hmm.. Oook, then why exactly are you here, if I may ask?”…I enquired.

The next words that came off his lips, made my feet tremble and kneels buckle. The ground suddenly started shaking when he simultaneously said and sent me a BBM message that;

I Looked at him, looked at my phone and looked at him again, and before I was able to comprehend what was going on to say anything, my door swung open and I saw Hussein standing right there smiling with loads of gifts in his hands. As if that wasn’t shocking enough, he immediately greeted Pelumi, then they started exchanging pleasantries and talking like they knew each other before. Oh f**k! They actually know each other before. Apparently, PM or CHNG or whatever his name is had worked for Hussein before in the past.

O mother Earth, swallow me NOW, I prayed.
I’ve always heard folktales about ‘twins senses’ but never really believed it. Immediately I left PM’s flat, the first person I saw was my lovely twin brother Kiki. He isn’t blessed with much height but he sure knows how to carry his 5’6 body well. He smiled at me and I duly returned the courtesy. My countenance changed as I saw Hussein drove in also but my smiling face came back as quickly as it left so Kiki wouldn’t start getting suspicious. A quick reverse to my ‘twin senses’ talk, now if I hadn’t tarried a bit in PM’s room, I most likely would have met Kiki’s door locked and would have been left disappointed that the two people in my life that could ease my prickling conscience at the time weren’t there when I came knocking on their doors. Thanks to my ‘twins senses’, I saw Kiki just at the right time which brings me believing another saying ‘Blood is thicker than water’. Call it coincidence or whatever you like, as far as I’m concerned, that’s my ‘twins senses’ at work.


A friend of mine do say “Even though we (students) do pray to God, only 10% of our prayers are answered by God. The remaining 90% he answers aren’t exactly our prayers but that of our parents and loved ones alike.” It was a perfect Sunday to reminisce and believe those words.

After Aishat had asked me out of her room the previous night, I took it on the chin and didn’t see it as much of a big deal. No girl would go through such experience with me and not dare for more (hope you saw what I did there?). Church mass that Sunday was sumin else for me cos I was just there in person but my mind, spirit and soul was somewhere else, somewhere I was with a goddess-like creature having one of the best times of my life. I was still lost in the pulchritudinous thoughts of the sexathon I had with Aishat when I saw her boyfriend getting out of his car to open the house gate. I greeted him and said “Hi” as I proceeded to assist him in opening the gate. I walk to my room as he drove in only to be distracted by the sight of my twin sister on her unexpected visit, she gave me a quick smile and I smiled back cos I have to admit I was really happy to see her. She was the one person I could explain my ordeal with Aishat to. Then I notice a very slight change in her countenance but she was quick to put on her charming smile back.

Mimi joined me in my room or our room, however you choose to see it, I could feel the ecstasy and cockiness in her voice and attitude as we exchanged greetings, I was feeling a little uneasy myself cos I have to tell her what happened between Aishat and I. I wasn’t sure how she was going to react to it.
“What is going on Mimiola, is there something you wanna tell me?”
“Hmm…yeah, but I’m not sure what you’ll think of me after hearing it”….She replied.
“Seriously? Come on, you know you can tell me anything dear, but before you, I also have something I did which I’m not entirely sure will go down too well with you. So you go first… Shoot!”….. I said.
“No jor, don’t try to play smart with me”…. She responded.

We then agreed to speak out immediately after the other without hesitation. I could feel the tension building, it was like an avalanche was about to begin. I was thrown into a massive state of frenetic shock when she blurted out;
“I had sex with Hussein, Aishat’s boyfriend”.

Still feeling the heavy impact of what I just heard, I let out my own bombshell almost immediately;
“I slept with Aishat”.

There was about 5 minutes of very awkward and uncomfortable awfully loud silence that swept between us. The silence was broken when with a very evident and highly concentrated remorseful look, she stupidly tried to make a joke, I guess in justifying her actions.
“ehm… We didn’t exactly sleep with each other in the literary sense but we had sex”… She said.

I really didn’t understand what she meant by that. Was it a quickie in the rest room of a random restaurant or some coded one time shag at a corner in a night club? All these thoughts ran through my mind as I inquired she explains herself better.
“It was in his car, here at the front gate, some few minutes ago”.

I listened with a divided attention as my sister narrated her ordeal with Hussein without mincing words. My jaw was still dropped by the time she rounded up her story. She promised it was never going to happen again;
“I can’t even bear the thought of losing Pelumi, he’s been nothing but nice and good to me. Let’s just keep this between the two of us, even though I know I’ll have to tell him some day…… But not now, he’ll be devastated”.

Those were the exact words. I could feel the gigantic remorse in her and I told her all will be fine as I trust her judgment.

I then took turn in narrating my sexcapade with Aishat to her, except that I didn’t feel bad about it and infact I wanted it to continue. She told me she’s rather surprised that Aishat could do such and would bet her life that it would not repeat itself again. She was so sure Aishat won’t allow me into her life in that respect again, which unfortunately turned out to be true. That happened to be the last time Aishat ever allowed me close to her. I tried working something out but she was always one step ahead of me. I had to let the sleeping dog lie when she eventually graduated.


I could feel myself sweating straight up from my bone marrow, I was fidgeting as my knuckles stiffen. I knew all hell was going to break lose if I didn’t leave but my feet wobbled even as I tried to move. The earth was trembling under my feet cos I was finding it really difficult and impossible to comprehend everything I just heard.

Immediately I stepped out of Aishat’s room, still basking in the euphoria of meeting Hussein who just happened to be one of my favorite clients back in the days when I was still hustling at Ibadan. We used to call him ‘K.D’ (Khal Drogo) after the Game of Thrones movie character because of his exquisitely crafted good looks and his imposing stature and character. Really he was a perfect fit to Aishat who in a true sense, represents his Daenerys Targaryen because of her domineering attitude.

I left Aishat’s room and decided to say ‘hi’ to Kiki. As I approached his door, I began to hear a very familiar voice, that was Mimi! Aww, she must have checked me upstairs and didn’t meet me in the room before coming to check on Kiki. I was about to open the door when I heard Kiki’s said;
“I slept with Aishat”.

I wasn’t entirely surprised considering his partner in crime just admitted that fact to me some hours ago. The next words I heard jolted me into a barrage of mental spasms. My brain and senses were in utter disorder as the high level of higgledy-piggledy marauding my static yet vibrating body gave me a total nervous breakdown. I heard Mimi said;
“ehm… We didn’t exactly sleep with each other in the literary sense but we had sex”………… “It was in his car, here at the front gate, some few minutes ago”.

It’s not rocket science, I need not to be told she was referring to Hussein. This was a guy I was ecstatic about just meeting him barely a minute ago, I couldn’t describe the kind of excruciating disgust I had for him instantly. Whatever respect and credibility I had for him in the past was lost in that instant. As I managed to walk away, I heard her muttering some foul-mouthed bullshits about how much she loves Pelumi and didn’t wanna lose him.

I went straight to my room, did some very hasty thinking and decided to let the sleeping dog lie. I realised I suddenly hold the key to their lives and happiness. That was my leverage which would definitely come handy in the nearest future. So instead of blowing everything over the roof, I kept calm (It wasn’t as easy as it sounds now by the way). Picked up my phone and Pinged Aishat;
*you’re safe with me and I heard nothing from everything you told me*

I waited for what seemed like hours till Mimiola came upstairs and as we planned we had the wildest sex we’ve ever had in our relationship. As it happened I couldn’t help but think of the whole drama that unfolded in the last few days . What I did was simple, interpretation of conceptions by setting tolerance in the place of intolerance, sympathy and understanding in the place of impatience and contempt.

While I’ve always known Mimi to be spontaneous and erratic, in the words of a friend, ‘I looked at her wistfully, I no longer saw the girl who had caught my eyes. Instead I saw an unscrupulous young woman who didn’t care who saw her nakedness.’ In my eyes she was cheap and used. I simply played along since then and pretended I knew nothing.

Hussein and Aishat are perhaps the two most contrasting couples I’ve ever seen. Hussein is erratic and instinctive, often chaotic but genuinely potent while Aishat is meticulous, methodical and precise. God gave her the gift of been loved by many, but deny her of the grace of been trusted. Little wonder how they are attracted to each other and how much they’ve managed to keep their relationship from capsizing.

Kiki is the perfect predator who waits patiently on others moment of weakness before preying on them. No matter how wrong he is, you’ll never blame him cos he always appear and comes out innocent. He’s the one playing a role of double standards.

Finally me, Pelumi, hmm…. It’s hard to tell, I’m not perfect also, I’ve got my massive flaws. Don’t judge me yet cos in light of the recent darkness, I decided to show these nitwits they are not the only ones with pranks up there sleeves. Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car. I’m not called ‘OPM’ for nothing.


Written by: The Aggravated Boyfriend
BBM Channel: C00469CF5
Ff on Instagram: @TheAggravatedBoyfriend


As much as I would really love to write my verdict on my part in the whole drama, I don’t think it’s right for me to do that.
“Nemo iudex in causa sua ‘and’ audi alteram partern.” 
Only people in the Legal field (Law) would understand this.

Thanks for the GREAT LOVE shown so far. God keep blessing you all for me. I TRULY LOVE YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart! And believe me, I WON’T for any reason STOP giving you guys the BEST STORIES in the world.


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