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I couldn’t sleep that night cos the only thing her comment on my blog post could have meant to me was that she slept with Kiki. While I was not entirely in support of her actions, I wasn’t against it either. I know Kiki is a good person and won’t lie or take advantage of an innocent girl, unless she asked for it. This brought me to my next question, could it be that Aishat asked for it? I’m new here, but from what I’ve learnt so far in Olowookere Hall, Aishat is a well respected lady that can’t be regarded as wayward or a woman of easy virtue.

Also bringing in the fact that she has a boyfriend that is well to do, brilliant, nice and really handsome, they even share the same tribe! Did I mention he also beats Kiki in every facet of life?. Well, so I’ve heard about her wonderful Hussein as I’m yet to fix a face to the name. Yeah, I’ve never met him before cos I mostly don’t spend my weekends in Ago, it’s either I’m out of town working or with my girlfriend in Shagamu. I had to stay this weekend for the preparation of TURN UP FOR WHO coming up in just a few days. Anyway, all these thoughts and questions swerved through my mind from left to right and I couldn’t get a logical answer to them. I made up my mind not to bother much about her and think of the sweet experience that awaits me tomorrow.

Can’t wait to see my lovely Mimiola.

Mimi is my sweet girlfriend, I met her when I came to OOU about a year ago to obtain Post-UTME form. She was a fresher and needed direction to the Student Affairs office. She inquired from me (I guess my old age/physical appearance was what confused her into thinking I was a student of the school), but I quickly told her I wasn’t familiar with the territory. I promised I was going to assist her anyway, I asked people around and got the direction. She was thankful, then I asked her how/where do I purchase Post-UTME form.
“Just walk into any of the banks in school, you’ll get it there”… She replied.

After I was done that day, we met at the park again and told her, if we should meet again with a common interest, I’ll ask for her contact details and take her out. She just smiled and said;
“No problem”

Three weeks later I arrived at OOU again to write the exam, I was to stay a few days more with my friend Kaysee who stays at Olowookere Hall. That was where I met Mimi once again and we became friends, I discovered how much a good person she is and our friendship escalated very quickly and we started dating. So when I resumed here, she moved to an annex campus at Shagamu because of her course of study.

Mimi is everything I wanted in a girl, smart, eloquent, naughty (when need be), essentric like me and a maverick. Did I mention she’s also a pleaser in bed? Yeah, she’s an all in one package!  People think of her as a very moral, very straight-faced person. On the other hand, she can be as raunchy as any other girl. I remember one afternoon when we decided to go have lunch at a nearby restaurant. We sat across from each other at a small table.

While looking at her menu, she leaned across the table and said;
“I’ve been thinking about sucking your dick and it is making my pussy SO wet.”
I said;
“Is that so?”
Then she says;
“if we were at home, I’d suck it till you cum”

The waitress arrived and took our order, as I sat there wondering what was going on in her mind. Luckily, our table was in an area that left Mimi with her back to the wall, and me with my back to the nearest other table. As soon as the waitress left, she unbuttoned her blouse just enough to hook a finger inside and start rubbing and flicking her nipple. She sat there, looking at me hungrily, as I watched her rubbing that hard nipple. After checking to make sure nobody was coming, she pushed her blouse aside so that I could see her swollen nipple. She left it exposed for a few seconds, then dipped her finger into her ice water and rubbed it around her erect nipple, closing her eyes and biting her lip as she did so. She is the first Lady I have ever met that has a sex drive to match mine.

I got myself back to present and suddenly decided to Ping ‘SPY dha MIRAGE’. After the first ping, she replied almost immediately. She didn’t know who I was cos to her I was just a random regular writer/blogger she met online. We exchanged pleasantries and had some funny conversations. After what seemed like a long time, I summoned up the courage asking her what her comment on my blog meant. She proceeded to tell me everything that happened between herself and Kiki earlier that day. Though not detailed, but enough to tell me what I wanted to know. She sounded remorseful and I told her everything would be alright.
*I’m tired and I need to sleep now*
*Aiit CHNG, we’ll talk tomorrow*

Since I now have her on my contact list, I knew she’ll find out sooner rather than later that I’m the CHNG cos of the numerous BCs I send everyday in publicising my up coming event. So I decided I was going to come clean to her the next day. How she was going to handle it after all she’s told me about herself?…i don’t know


Woke up the next morning with a headache after the stress of the previous day and my ordeal with Hussein. I managed to clean up my room, cooked myself noodles, had a bath, dressed up and out! I made a brief stop at the bank to use the ATM machine cos I was short on cash. The queue was fairly long and I had to wait a few minutes for my turn. Just when it was my turn to use the machine, I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was Hussein.
“Sorry o abeg, make una no vex, make this sister just help me collect money, sorry abeg”… He begged the rest of the people on the queue behind me and whispered;
“I know you probably don’t want to see me right now, but would you please help me with my card as you can see the queue is quite long? …. Please” to me.

Yeah he was right I didn’t want to see him but what would I gain or lose by not helping him?. I collected his card, he told me his password and I withdrew 50k for him. I quickly gave him his money and walked away without saying a word. I heard him call my name twice I think but pretended I didn’t hear, I quickly stopped a bike and zoomed off to the park. I dropped at the park and was waiting for the bikeman to give me my change, when I saw Hussein’s car pull over behind us and he stepped out walking towards me. In his black suit, he carried his tall self elegantly, gawd! He has a build of a super model but then again he’s a good friend’s property.
“I’m sorry I had to follow you down here, I called out your name at the bank but you didn’t hear me.”
“So what is it that you want with me Hussein? Please!”
“Well, I told you how much I’ve messed things up with Aishat in the last few days, so I want to make it up to her by buying her gifts and since I don’t know my way very much around here, I was thinking you could just help me out and assist in picking up things a lady would like in these circumstances”

I looked at him and his countenance said he meant no harm but I felt harmful to myself if you know what I mean. Can’t deny that last night wasn’t real cos it was! and I was in the mood to have a repeat of that, but not just with Hussein, he’s like the wrongest person to do that with. I gave it a quick thought and told him;
“No problem. I’m actually going to Ago also to see my boyfriend and he’s expecting me also, I just hope this doesn’t take long”
“O! even better, it won’t take long and we’ll drive down together”.

This is going to be a really long journey, I thought to myself as we walked to his car. I knew I was embarking on a kamikaze ride. With Hussein, I was a ticking bomb ready to self destruct. I do love a man with a gentleman’s behaviour, he quickly reminded me that chivalry is not dead, especially among African men as he opened the front door for me, I quickly stepped in and he shut it back before he turned round to the side of his car. He put the key in the ignition and started the engine as we drove off.

It is worthy of note that all these while I wasn’t giving him a welcoming attitude. We went to a fairly big shopping mall somewhere in Sabo Shagamu and proceeded to buying loads of gifts for Aishat and a cake also, I picked up a few things for my boyfriend also. After we were done, Hussein asked me to pick a couple of things for myself but I quickly declined his offer.
“Look here, I know you’re still mad at me about last night, but this is me trying to make things better here, so please help me to help us”… He said to me.
“OK, no problem, I’m fine, or we’re fine.. I guess”… I replied.

He suddenly dragged me by my wrist to the textile and clothing part of the mall and told me to pick any dress I want. I looked at him in shock and told him;
“This is too much, I can’t ta…”  he quickly shushed me and picked a red Burberry gown and gave it to me.
“You’ve helped me pick something nice for my girlfriend, I think it’s only logical I reciprocate. Let’s just say I want you to look stunning for him”.. He said.
“But this is too much… ”
“I’m the one paying”, he countered.

I nodded in affirmative and thanked him, he insisted I put on the dress immediately. I went ahead and changed into the red dress. We walk to the counter and he paid for everything we bought in cash except for the dress which he paid via a POS terminal. I was shocked when the lady at the desk handed me the receipt and I saw N18,000 for the dress alone! Are you freaking kidding me? I looked at him and all he did was smiled back. We left the Mall and headed for Ago, we didn’t talk much and he was playing songs by Tyler James and Coco Jones, sound tracks of the Disney Channel movie Let It Shine. From Don’t Run Away to Moment of Truth to My Guardian Angel and all. He had the songs on repeat and I never got tired of listening as the cool sound that oozed from his car’s sound system was just soothing enough for me.

It was almost obvious I wanted to be touched and held but I was determined to not let my highly erratic libido get me into doing anything I’ll regret with Hussein. We kept stealing glances  at each other. I brought out a bottle (pet) of Coke I bought earlier at the mall. Immediately I opened it, the car ran into a bump simultaneously, and a portion of the code spurted out and splashed on my dress, right on my left breast area. Hussein was quick to apologize, brought the car to a halt and took out a toilet paper to clean me up. I noticed he was being gentle and caressing my breast in the process but I didn’t stop him. I was inexplicably enjoying it and bent on seeing the last of this cos I wanted it, yes I wanted him!

Without waiting for any further invitation, he placed his lips on mine and I duly responded. Without being intoxicated and with a clear head, we did a repeat of the previous night’s experience, in his car once again but this time on a highway! I was able to stop him once again before things got out of hand. Apparently, that was only a slight pause and delay in the imminent event that followed.

We got to Ago without saying much, meanwhile just after our brief stop, I had already sent a BBM message to my boyfriend telling him I’m almost in Ago and can’t wait to have all of him in all of me.
*you had better be in alone in your room and ready for me when I get there* *kisses*  I concluded.
Hussein stopped the car at the gate and said… “So what now?”

I decided to give him one last quick kiss but it escalated quickly with the speed of light and he reached for my thighs again, putting his hand between my legs, I felt his finger pushed my pant to one side and went straight into my already wet pussy. I knew due to the public holiday, most people must have travelled but I was still scared to the bone that someone might walk in on us! It was outside the front gate for God’s sake in broad daylight! I watched him open his pant and his dick sprung straight out. Now I could see why Jummai would not shut up about him, he was huge!
“come here girl, get on top of me”
I said “we can’t do that here, its light, people are around and someone will see”

He replied “Screw people” leaning over lifting my leg up pulling my panties to the side working his dick in me “oh easy” I moaned. I could feel each inch stretching me open, I closed my eyes moaning biting my lip as slowly he continued going in, it was feeling unbelievable, at that moment I felt my pussy exclude a gusher of fluid like it haven’t in a while! He took his tongue licking my face, it was nasty but something made it feel so erotic, down on top of me he went forcing his entire cock in me, I moaned shivering, shaken in his arms, he began to long stroke me slowly, pulling out to the head then pushing it all back in me, it felt like a big snake inside me, he did this over and over, with each push I could hear squish from the fluid leaking out of me. I opened my eyes looking in his, he whispered;
“tell me how much you love this, tell me”, he had me feeling so good I moaned between my breaths
 “oh Hussein, it feels so good” he stopped me saying “do it nasty” I moaned again “oh Hussein it feels so fucking good, fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy”.
He replied “yea, that’s it”.

Grabbing his ass, thrusting my hips to him we were going in rhythm, he turned me sideway and got back on top of me several times, he fucked me for the longest time without even cumming, I was a wet mess but not sweaty because the engine was still running and the AC was on in the car. He pulled out of me sitting up. He turned me bringing my self down backwards guiding his cock back in me, again ‘squish’ I could hear, both his hands went on my breast squeezing them hard, his dick was so far up in me. I sat up to catch a breath but Hussien pulled me back down grabbing my breast again saying “move girl” and that was exactly what I did humping and pumping on him for several minutes then he pulled me down holding me tight, I felt the walls of that big thing in me pump shooting several large and continual shots of cum in me. It just kept going and going, I though it would never stop, no one had ever shot that much cum in me, I exploded cumming with him too, I squeezed the walls of my pussy absorbing it all in me, I already took pills before leaving home in the morning hoping that would be my boyfriend ramming me and not Hussein.

I sat on top of him smiling. looking at him “Hussein, that was so wonderful, when you fill a girl up, you really fill her up” I said softly giving him a few peeks on the lips. With his semi-soft dick still in me until it surped out, I just giggled moving over sitting down, he reached in back getting a towel saying “you’ll need this” he was so right cos as I wiped, it just kept coming soaking half the towel.

I stepped out of the car and went straight to Pelumi’s room, I knew he was going to be waiting for me but I was ready to disappoint him cos I just got 101% satisfaction from Hussein. It was an experience I was not going to forget anytime soon. I met his door opened expectedly and sauntered in, fortunately and unfortunately for us, he wasn’t inside. Where he went to, I didn’t. I dropped my bag, helped myself on the bed, and browsed through my phone a bit. After tarrying for what seemed like forever, I decided to go check Okiki my dear twin brother to give him a surprise visit cos he wasn’t expecting me as I didn’t tell him I was coming. Church mass would be over by now, so he should be home, I thought.

…to Be Continued!

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