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Aishat and Kiki have become real close in just few days they found interest in each other, in the hall (Olowookere Hall, Ago-Iwoye) they’ve both lived for more than a year. They are on the verge of having THE CRAZIEST SEX as at the last time we read about them.

Meanwhile, OPM (Kiki’s Friend and Hallmate) has got his girlfriend (Mimiola, Kiki’s Twin sister) accidentally meeting up with Aishat’s Fiance (Hussein) at a Function and they almost got grooving in the car.


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I consider myself the luckiest guy on earth cos how I got this Aishat to fall for me this easily, I still don’t know. Upon entering her room, I threw caution to the wind and went on rampage. I mean, what other kind of ‘go-ahead’ sign do I need, she obviously want me as much as I want her. However, my germophobic side made me pause and asked her to go wash up first. For some reasons I don’t know, she took it on the chin and obliged without taking offense.

I watched in utmost lust and disbelief as this goddess-like creature marched into her bathroom. After what seems to be taking hours and I couldn’t wait any longer, I barged in to join her. I think she was shocked, in a good way, judging by her countenance. I proceeded to unwrap the towel around her and I must confess, that was the very first time I saw her fully unclad. At that moment, I had to commend God on a perfectly crafted job he did on her. It felt like I’ve never set my eyes on a lady before. Although she was carying a few extra pounds, her slight chubbiness made her rather cute. Aishat has a full bosom that tends to turn heads, and her pretty chest is complimented by a pair of shapely legs.

I decided to put on my A game and give her the best foreplay she’s ever had. I declined to be emasculated this time so I was in charge all through. As you know, the Violin is usually the leader of an orchestra. She deserves her own gallery cos she’s a perfect piece of art. Right there right then, I proceeded to treat her like a rare invaluable antique that needed to be polished over and over again. With great content, I threw the tantrum that presaged the imminent ecstasy that was to follow. Having taken her to heaven and back (or so I thought at least), we stepped out of the bathroom and the chill from the air conditioning system sent a cold shiver through my spine. She’s not just a beautiful girl but was blessed with brains to go with it. I lifted her up and rambled some questions to ears and she gave the sweetest replies to them.
“Are you starving?”… I asked
“I’m famished”… She replied
“Welcome aboard Jummai”….. I whispered to her.

I bet she was taken aback that I knew her first name. Well, all thanks to Mimi. She knelt down in front of me, got hold of my member, gently licked my balls. She then kissed my dick on the head before opening her mouth and devouring the entire length. She proceeded to give me another of her mind blowing blow jobs (no pun intended). After what seemed like hours she pulled my dick out of her mouth when she sensed I was about to cum. Jerking me off furiously, She looked up at me and smiled. Just then, I released in an uncontrollable orgasm. I spurted a stream of thick white semen into her face and mouth. She laughed and licked the juice from around her lips and after my second shot which landed on her breasts, she used her tongue to clean my dick and balls.
“Mmmm I want that pussy in my mouth baby,” I said, noticing the soaked, hairless lips of her pussy, just begging to be sucked.
“Hey boy,” she replied “Take Jegamycin, I’d let you have it all day.”

She rubbed a nipple for good measure. I sat her on the bed, making a quick stop at those nipples that I have wanted to suck for such a long, long time (like about 20 minutes ago). I put one nipple in my mouth, and sucked gently, rubbing the other nipple with my fingers, pinching it, squeezing her breast. Finally, I couldn’t wait any longer, I lowered myself to her glinting pussy, and licked the juice off the lips. I thrust my tongue inside her, licking her steaming box, driving my tongue in as far as I could. She arched her back and started to moan.
“Oh God Kiki, mmm, suck my clit, ahhhh, do it, ahhh ahh, yeahhh”

I continued to lick her clit up and down, side to side, flicking it with my tongue, then rubbing it, bringing her to a scream climax.
“Oh gawd Kiki, more, yeah, more, faster baby, faster..ah ah Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

I got up, kissed her with my pussy soaked mouth, and sat down next to her. Now this is where I was even more impressed, just when I thought I was the one in charge, she beat me with experience and took over the wheel. I don’t even know how much time went by, but she said;
“I’m ready to be fucked now.”
She didn’t have to tell me twice, I said
“how would you like it?”

She didn’t say anything, she just led me over to a chair, pushed me down, and, facing away from me, lowered herself down onto my throbbing dick. I have never had sex in this position and it was great because I could see her beautiful ass as she slid up and down my pipe. Then, she abruptly got up and went over to the bed, stood beside it, leaned forward, and spread her legs. I didn’t need to be told what to do. I slid right up behind her and guided my hard member between her legs into her hot, wet pussy.

While Aishat wasn’t my first, I’ve never had much experience in the act before. On this day, she did to me things I never thought was possible except in my imaginations. Never in my life have I ever been with a woman who cognitively knew how to treat and control me, and make even my most perverted fantasies come to pass. She didn’t even need to look at me before she acted out my thoughts as a skilled actress would execute a perfect script. Only James Cameron and Steven Spielberg could have directed a movie where she takes the lead role which would only premiere as a box office hit. I wanted her so badly that I was losing my mind.

I held onto her hips as I drilled her gently, then harder. She moaned continuously and said “harder, harder,” I thought I would hurt her, but she kept asking for it harder, so I began to really pound her and this made her moan even louder. Her pussy was gripping my cock so tight that I knew she was getting ready to cum, and then she did cum, practically screaming and shaking as she did. I was ready to cum too, and just as I was about to, she said;
“cum in my mouth.”…

Oh my God, this just kept getting better and better! This was a real treat for me. I pulled my dick out and she knelt down in front of me and stroked me as I shot cum out in long streams, all of which she gobbled up as if it were chocolate. We kissed, exploring one another’s mouths for what seemed like hours. I suppose it was only a few minutes, because I felt myself stirring again. She reached down, seeming to read my mind, and started rubbing my balls. Soon, I was throbbing again, and needed her just as badly as before.

This time, I rolled on top, she willingly, and gladly spread her legs to accept me. I slid  in easily, she almost screamed, and wrapped her legs around me, pulling me deep into her. I began pounding her, my balls slapping against her ass. She tightened her legs every time I thrust in, doubling the pleasure of each return to her pussy. She soon lost control and started screaming. A loud “Uhhhh” escaped her lips at each pound, driving me wild. I thrust harder, and faster, and she countered with her screams. I stopped for a second and fell on her breasts, whispered in her ear;
“I’m gonna cum.”
“oh Kiki, cum on my boobs, now, fuck me, hurry”, she declared.

I could tell she needed it bad, and didn’t keep her waiting. I began literally pounding her pussy, harder than ever. She tightened her legs one last time, without letting go, I withdrew from her pussy and released hot semen on her daring boobs as her hips buckled wildly, still screaming.  Then I collapsed on the bed with her.

Aishat and I recovered slowly and moved to the bathroom and showered long together. We washed each other, especially our genitals, and when we were done, we towelled each other dry. Upon returning to the room, Aishat climbed into bed. I climbed in after her and laid on top of her warm body. I took each breast , in turn, and sucked hard on the nipples turning them cherry red. Having the soft flesh of her big breasts in my mouth excited me and soon I was aiming a full erection at Aishat’s waiting pussy. Needless to say, we fucked and sucked throughout the day into the night. I laid next to her, waiting until I was hard again. It was at this junction, she stopped me and said she needs to rest and sleep. I stood up and asked..
“When will we do this again?”
“I made a mistake, I can’t believe I did this. It’s not your fault Kiki, you’re just a guy with a weakness for sex. Like all guys.” Aishat responded.

I was shocked at her response cos we practically just screwed each other all day and she suddenly made it sound like nothing? I mean, I thought we were a team already! But then still basking in the euphoria of the event that happened earlier. I could only say;

“OK”……. And walked out.

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