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Ok! Here is a NOTE OF WARNING I want to emphasize on; Please, if you are not up to or above 18 years of age, DO NOT continue. If you refuse to heed to this warning, you are on your own!

Read at your Risk!!!

Just incase you missed the EPISODE 4….Read ——>> HERE . ENJOY the continuation and also remember to drop a comment #Wink


Sleep was definitely out of it for me this night, I thought to myself. For hours I kept looking at my door and window, hoping he’ll knock but I knew that wasn’t going to happen, definitely not in this world.
“Get yourself together girl, you’ve got a boyfriend that loves you very much and you love him also!” …was the voice that kept ringing in my ears. I decided to call Hussein again so he can at least save me from my misery. He knows what to say when I’m in this kind of situation, he’s an expert in the arts of sexting and I definitely learnt well from him. It was then I realized I didn’t remember to pick up my phone from Kiki’s room.

OMG! This is definitely the devil’s handwork, I cried. I decided to go knock on his door in the middle of the night, he wasn’t gonna bite me after all. Worst case scenario, he’ll refuse to answer my call or shout at me to come back by day break but then hey, I just gave the guy one hell of a good kiss some hours ago. I was certain he wasn’t going to forget that easily. I am one girl you don’t just kiss, you’ll definitely wanna go steps further, so I meant it when I said I was in deep trouble with this boy.

Just as I was about to open my door, PHCN restored power. I didn’t think twice before switching on my iPad and laptop and changed my mind straight up. I opted to watch movies for the rest of the night or morning sha. By the time I finished the first movie, it was past 6 already, I decided to go pick up my phone before Kiki leaves to go play football. It’s was Saturday morning, that’s what they do every week.

I walked to his door, unlike last night, I confidently gave a gentle knock on the door. He was awake already cos he was quick to ask..
“Who is there?”
“Aishat”… I replied. His door flung open almost immediately. I quietly walked in and said…
“There’s light now, you can change over.. ” and I was quick to tell him why I came, picked my phone and thanked him for the charger also.
“It’s nothing actually”, he replied

Ehen?! “It’s nothing”, from Kiki? The tough hardened Kiki? So much difference a simple kiss can make in a guy’s life, I thought. I was scared when he suddenly jumped in front of me and asked if we could continue the movie we were watching the previous night. After calming down a bit, I knew what he wanted and wondered if he wasn’t not going to the field. I wasn’t exactly in the mood for him but to let the poor boy off the hook, I nodded in affirmative. Whoever said ‘X-MEN-Days of Future Past’ isn’t boring should come watch it under the circumstances we did, 10 minutes gone and the movie wasn’t just making any sense cos I was damn distracted by the incredible hard-on Kiki had under his pyjamas already. Honestly speaking, I didn’t plan for this but hell! This guy was turning me on real good that I didn’t know when I asked
“I hope you don’t mind we quickly finish the movie we were acting last night?”

His countenance gave me the response I needed as I immediately reached for his dick, he’s quite huge I must admit but still doesn’t beat Hussein. I proceeded to give him the best head job of his life but didn’t go further than that. Not because I couldn’t or was scared, I’m simply germophobe. I don’t joke with my hygiene, would never have sex without a bath first…. From both of us! As much as I enjoyed giving him the head job, I still felt nauseated during the whole process. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not the dirty type, you could tell from his appearance and apartment that he’s a neat freak, just like me. I just find my fetish in a clean man.

Immediately I was done with the baptism, he was gasping for air when he let out
“this is the best head job I’ve ever received in my life, Aishat”

OK! He just called me ‘Aishat’ with a ‘T’, the after-effects of our escapade so far is really bringing some positives results on this guy, I thought to myself. I just smiled and then he proceeded to say
“A more frequent occurrence of this should be very interesting for us”

Frequent occurrence? Whatever shit this guy was smoking is really getting out of hand, I thought to myself. I was quick to dismiss myself out of his room without almost saying a word. As I stepped out of his room, I saw the ever lousy PM running out the gate in his football kit. With the treat I just gave Kiki, I knew the only place he’ll rather be was his room with or without me in his bed. There was no going to play football for him. Not today at least, I thought to myself.

I rushed into my room, straight into my bathroom, almost emptied the whole tube of toothpaste on my toothbrush as I brushed my teeth rigorously like there was an engine oil stain on my teeth. I actually puked a couple of times. I was sure I spent about 30mins brushing my teeth alone! When I was done, I decided to go outside so I can buy Orbit chewing gum (with mint) to clear the whole semen taste on my tongue. Iya Prada was just opening her shop, when I got there.
“Mama Prado”… Like I usually call her
“Good morning, abeg I need Orbit, that kain one wey I dey always buy o…… Thank you”
“As you be my first customer today, e don sure sey I go sell well well………….. Ehen, Aishat I won ask you for one small shikini help o”… She continued.
“Wetin happen.. Hope no problem”?….. I asked
“No be serious mata like dat, I won go our association meeting nau nau, na im I won beg you dey make you help me stay shop small till I come back, I no go tey”

I thought about it quickly, I wasn’t really busy, I had planned to stay with Hussein all weekend but Kiki is on the verge of creating havoc in his absence. I decided to accept her request and stay outside a bit, if not for anything, to clear my busy head and calm my body at least. I wanted to ehm.. How is it said in Yoruba o…?….. Ehen…. Faraburukubale! (Calm the f**k down!)
“No wahala but no tey o, abeg”…… I said.

Mama Prada is a good woman and I do assist her in staying in her shop when I’m not busy or when I’m bored, so I’m very familiar with the prices of almost everything in her store. The boys finished their football playing and I saw them marching towards me.
“What’s up Aishat, 1 bag of pure water please”
“I’m good PM….. OK”…. I replied

They finished the whole bag in a minute and made a mess of everywhere by littering the whole place with the pure water sachets. It didn’t take long after they left Mama Prada returned, I explained to her the proceeds I made while she was away.  I looked up and saw Kiki behind me, can’t remember what he came to buy exactly. After he was done, he looked at me and smiled. I was quick to smile back, he then held my hand and we walked back into the compound together. I felt myself chuckling as we marched on. PM rushed by saying somethings to Kiki but I wasn’t paying attention. I didn’t like the idea that Kiki was having some kind of control over me, I felt emasculated. I immediately switched console and put myself in charge as I led him straight to my room.

I locked the door behind us and he didn’t even allow me say anything before he started assaulting my lips with his juicy tongue, it was at this point I knew there was no going back I could feel his hard member trying to burst out of his jeans, and I immediately got a wet pussy. I could smell his Playboy Vip EDT perfume which indicates he just had a bath, this only helped in heightening my want for him. He stopped suddenly and said:
“I don’t mean to be rude but I’m kinda a germophobe”
“Well, that’s one thing we have in common dear”, I replied
“Thanks! Then you know a clean girl is a sexy girl”
“I’ll be back in a jiffy”… I murmured.

I sauntered into the bathroom, had a cold bath. Dried myself with my towel. I was surprised when the bathroom door opened and Kiki came in, still fully clothed. He proceeded to kissing my neck as he started to loosen the towel so  he could suck my breasts, which were hard and ready for him. The feel of his hard dick against me and the fact that he was sucking and biting my breasts, were making me feel hornier than I had probably ever felt. As he continued to suck my nipples, I started to undo the buttons on his shirt, and then I swiftly removed it. My fingers then went down to the hook of his 3/4 shorts, which I immediately started to undo, it was no easy feat as his dick was so hard that there was barely any room for manoeuvring.

Eventually I was able to set the prisoner loose. By now we were both breathing really heavily, his hands were all over me already. With his mouth still firmly placed on my nipples, he slid his fingers down to my sopping pussy and started to gently play with my clit. I was so aroused that I felt I was almost dripping on the floor. I had his dick in my hand gently wanking it up and down, and I could feel the pre cum on the end of it. He then grabbed me and lowered me to the bathroom tiled floor, in one swift motion, he turned on the shower with the cold water pouring down on our bare skin, and I knew it would not be too long before he had his dick deep inside me.

Then he grabbed a bar of soap, slowly and gently started rubbing it all over my body, I then got the soap from him and started to soap him at the same time. I could not believe just how hard his dick had gotten and I could feel it throbbing between my fingers as I started to rub soap around it.  Kiki’s fingers were deep inside me now, and I could hear myself moaning with sheer pleasure, I knew it would not be very long before I explode. With his mouth nibbling at my nipples and then teasing them with his tongue, and his fingers rubbing faster and faster around my clit, then in and out of my pussy, I exploded within seconds, my moaning echoing around the bathroom.

Thanks to the sound of the shower which drowned it. Gawd that was so good, I started to rub his cock slowly to restart with and then faster and faster as his breathing also got faster and faster. Gawd I felt so horny all over again. As I played with his incredibly hard cock, he sucked on my nipples more and more, I knew I was going to cum again at any moment, and when his fingers slid into me once again going deep, deep inside me, I writhed around until I almost exploded, I felt as though I was being sucked under water as I exploded once again,

I called out his name and held him tightly to me, and his mouth was on my nipples again, I was in sheer ecstasy, my hand once again reached for his pulsating dick and I was now rubbing it harder and harder. Kiki stood up, his dick sticking out at a right angle and dripping soap lather, I gently rubbed the soap away and started to lick it, gently at first, round and round in circles, up and down. I could hear his heavy breathing, and feel the throbbing of his cock against my lips. I then put my whole mouth around it and started to suck on it, very gently at first, but then getting it deeper and deeper into my mouth, then faster and faster until I knew he could barely take any more. He gently pulled me up and started to nibble at my nipples once again. He then pulled out my extra two towels, wrapped one around me and then one around himself, and dragged me from the bathroom and into the room proper.

At this point, I had thrown caution to the wind and was seeing everything with a good eye even though I knew I was sitting on a keg of gun powder. I knew what I was getting into and clandestine mode was key as I’ve always guided myself with a life long philosophy that ‘When you are writing the story of your life, don’t allow anyone to hold your pen’. It’s you’re world, feel free to express your independence.

Kiki surprised me when he lifted me and the following short dialogue ensued between us;
KIKI: The road would be rough…
ME: I guess I’ll have to strap up.
KIKI: And there’s no turning back.
ME: I am not quitting now sir.
KIKI: Easy won’t be a part of the equation.
ME: I’m a 500L law student.
KIKI: I’ve got to warn you about going into the belly of the beast. There’s danger in every turn.
ME: I eat danger for breakfast.
KIKI: Are you starving?
ME: O, I’m famished!
KIKI: Welcome aboard Jummai.

…to Be Continued!

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