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I still can’t believe my eyes.
I’m sure I didn’t see what I just saw.

It was like seeing Krish (the Bollywood super hero) in a deep kiss with our very own Efunsetan Aniwura… Hyper-impossible! But then it happened! Right there at Kiki’s door, I saw him kiss Aishat! The super sexy Aishat, the clean light skinned yet untouchable Hussein owned Aishat. So this Kiki boy na just green snake under green grass. Damn! Why my phone con go spoil for this kain time nau, I lamented. It Is bad enough that ‘Turn Up For Who’, my very first event in this OOU to be hosted by me and a close friend is in exactly 8 days and I don’t have a phone to continue the publicity which is massive by the way, and now I’m missing a blog post of the year contender ‘Maleficent caught kissing Thugnificent’.

My phone bedt why??.. Kilode ⁉ this is like the wrongest time to pack up. I felt like I just missed a chance to be regarded as a top blogger in OOU and Nigeria most especially.

A brief rundown about me. I’m 25, a year one computer science student in OOU (my age abi? Na long story abeg. If not for my old man wey force me come school, I for dey Street still dey enjoy my money). I am a big time blogger and Web designer. I joke and play a lot with people of all age groups, no time to dey pull that age hierarchy thingy abeg. If I continue introducing myself, we won’t leave here today. Just visit my blog www.thechngblog.com you’ll find everything you need to know about me there. My name is Oluwapelumi by the way but I’m better known as PM, only my real Gees call me OPM cos only they know the full meaning of that OPM. Most people think it’s a short form of my name but my own people sabi the true meaning.

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Now back to the matter, I just couldn’t wait till the next morning. I was up as early as 6:45am, brushed my teeth and rushed into my football kit, I was on the field in no time. It was a great game on this particular Saturday morning, unfortunately I played woefully cos I couldn’t keep my head in the game. Everyone on my team looked like Kiki, while every other opponent took Aishat’s face. So anytime I saw any of my teammates beside an opponent, the only scene visible to my sight was the breathtaking movie trailer I saw last night. In spite of this, I still managed to score two scintillating goals, the kind only Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi would score, except that mine were own goals, the kinds we call Escoba here in Naija.

Got back to the hall and as tired as hell but still buzzing with this strange energy inside of me. I allowed my curiosity get the better of me and decided to go query Kiki on last night’s even. I wasn’t expecting him to come out clean but I just needed to try my luck. After freshening up, I went straight to his door. I knocked on the door and almost immediately without waiting for a response, I pushed the door open. I called his name out twice but he was not in his apartment. I decided to just chill for him a bit as I assumed he’ll be around somewhere since he left his door unlocked. After waiting a few minutes, my phone (small chinko phone) rang……
“Guy, how far? I don get one small beta phone for you o. E get BBM and WhatsApp, so you fit dey manage am for your blog and PR work pending the time you fix your phone.”
“Serious!?.. Ope o, thanks blawd, I dey show for ya side nau nau.”

I ended the call and just as I stepped out of Kiki’s room, I saw him and Aishat coming into the compound, chatting and giggling like excited teenagers who just had their first kisses. I walked past them, told him I was just in his room to check him.
“I just go buy suntin outside ni jare, no vex”… He replied.

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I told him I was going to my friend Daniel’s place to get a phone and I quickly rushed off. 

I stayed longer than expected at Danny’s, I was so famished by the time I got home in the evening. I had a quick meal and was relaxing on my bed when my phone vibrated indicating a BBM message
*Baby, I told you I don’t want to be a distraction to you so you can prep well for your upcoming event*
~No wahala, suit yourself and I’m not having this conversation again~
*have you had sumin to eat now?*
~I’m not hungry and what do you care btw?~

I immediately switched off my phone data connection, the last thing I wanted was an unwarranted argument with my girlfriend. So I plugged in my ear piece, listening to‘Dreams and Reality’ by Ola Dips (you shouldn’t pass on that song, it’s one very dope track). While at Danny’s, I already updated my blog, put up some really nice blog posts and I decided to checks them out one last time before sleeping.

Immediately I switched on data connection, the influx of BBM and WhatsApp messages that attacked my phone was like a Tsunami. I decided to go check what’s up on my blog first before reading mails and messages.

One post that really really got most attention than the rest was one written by Danny himself titled ‘How to know if it’s Love, Lust or Infatuation’, that guy is sure really good with his pen. He goes by the alias ‘Aggravated Boyfriend’ by the way. How he got the alias? That’s a story for another day.

I read through the comments and they were quite nice and interesting, and as usual, there were funny ones, just like there were stupid ones. Trust Naija youths they’ll never fail to disappoint. Just as I was about closing the page to the next one, I saw a long comment which I usually don’t read mostly because I do find long comments boring. I just chose to make an exception on this. I read the comment and the part that really got my attention was where it said;
“…. I’ve been in the lust situation before and I simply handled it well because I was in a relationship at the time and I love my boyfriend so much, it’s called handling it like a grown up…..”

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The fan who posted it used the alias ‘Mirage’. I simply smiled and said to myself “Naija babes sha!”. After going through all blog and emails, I was finally ready to face BBM. I knew there would have been barrages of pings from fans and nothing less than 30 new requests. (Life of a blogger).

I started by accepting all the requests first as usual, then I descended on the Pings. The very first message I saw was from my girlfriend (expectedly)…
*I’m sorry about everything, didn’t mean to disappoint you but I wanna make up for it by making you happy again… I’m coming down to Ago tomorrow* 
*Make sure you’re ready for me o, can’t wait to be in your arms*
*I love you dear* 

She then sent a faceless unclad picture with it.

I was so elated that I started dancing Shoki in my head. I scrolled to my recent updates and was distracted by a new contact named ‘SPY dha MIRAGE’. I was quick to open the person’s profile and viewed the picture, the image I saw made me quit the Shoki in my head and switched to Sekem.

It was Efunsetan Aniwura herself, Aishat!

…to Be Continued!

Written by: The Aggravated Boyfriend
BBM Pin: 7E28B0BC


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