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Itz becoming more and more interesting. Just incase you missed the PART 1….Read ——>>> HERE . ENJOY the continuation and also remember to drop a comment #Wink


Gawd! I just hate it when I’m trying to reach this boy (man actually) and I can’t. I’ve been calling his cells since like 9am but he’s not answering and he’s not returning my calls. Let him even read my BBM or WhatsApp messages abi? Hussein can be very annoying, I knew he was avoiding me cos he couldn’t make it down for the weekend again. He had promised to come stay with me for the weekend as there’s a public holiday on Monday and Tuesday which extended the weekend. I know he’s always having work issues with his new Igbo boss but he should just reply me, cos I needed to hear his soothing voice to calm my nervy and unusually high sexual drive this evening.

He caused this after all, I was on my own jeje yesterday ooo, when we started chatting and he started saying erotic lines into my ears via BBM, this turned me the hell on that he eventually got what he wanted; a faceless unclad picture of me so he can jerk off with it. He then told me since the weekend is an extended one, he’ll drive down today (Friday) and leave on Tuesday! Immediately I heard that, I started dancing Sekem already in my head. I longed for his touch on my body!

It was 8pm already and I knew he wasn’t coming again, I wasn’t angry, more like disappointed actually. I had gone to the market, bought enough ingredients and prepared one of his favourite vegetable soup hoping to give him a wonderful welcome but here I was alone in my room feeling lonely and missing him badly!. I even had to cancel clubbing because of him. Something is even wrong with him sef, I’m going to make him suffer before he gets a smile from me! I thought to myself.

Hussein is my 3 years and still counting boyfriend. We met during my matriculation about 5 years ago, he was in his finals at the time and we became friends, he started disturbing my life after he graduated from my dear school Olabisi Onabanjo University, it was obvious I love him but I wasn’t ready to go into a relationship with a graduate in my first year in school especially putting in the fact that I’m a Law student! I mean do the maths yourself, it’s not rocket science na. I gave him a condition that it depends on where he’s having his youth service. The unlucky chap was posted to Ilorin Kwara State which is quite far to Ago-Iwoye where my school is located in Ogun state, Nigeria. But he didn’t flinch, he made sure he came down to Ago-Iwoye on weekends at LEAST twice a month, I said ‘Yes’ to him during the third month. He don try abeg…. And we’ve been together ever since, he finished his youth service successfully and got a very lucrative but time consuming job there at Ilorin. He got his car after his first 14 months at work. The ‘rest’, like they say ‘is history’.

The sound of a neighbour’s generator was what brought me back to present as the hall was very silent because most people had travelled and others had gone clubbing. I was just too weak to start my generator so I resulted to go charge at my next door neighbour’s room. It’s being a while I stepped inside the room cos the only friend I had in the hall Niniola had left for an annex campus of the school outside Ago-Iwoye. The room is now occupied by her twin brother who is more like an introvert. He doesn’t talk much or joke around with fellow hallmates. He’s that kind of person that would be indoor all day and you won’t even know. I concluded he’s a loner! A stark contrast to Nini, his twin sister. One other weird opposite thing about Kiki and Nini is that while Kiki is a Catholic and doesn’t joke with church, Nini is a Muslim! I guess that was what attracted me to her in the first place as I’m a Hausa girl. She told me her dad is a Muslim and mum a Catholic and they’re still happily married without either party converting. Impressive! If you ask me.

I knocked his door gently cos I don’t want trouble, my night is not going fine already so I would just like the rest of it to pass peacefully.
“Who be dat?” I heard his expected harsh tone
“Aishat.” I responded as softly as I could (still trying to avoid wahala)

O! Yeah, my middle name is Aishat but I’ve always preferred to be addressed as Jummai until one annoying boy in my faculty twisted the name to Jumia (the popular online buy and sell platform). Then another goat went a step further by saying I’m too tushed to be on Jumia, instead I should be called OLX (which is even more annoying), the bad thing is, the nickname (OLX) actually stuck! Among my course mates alone though.

He opened the door and I greeted..
“Good evening, can I come in to ch…”
“Sure, come in.” He cuts in without even allowing me to finish. Rude! If you ask me. (Still trying to avoid trouble cos I can’t allow one 21 year old boy insult my 25 year old self). I stepped in gently went ahead to plug in my phone, hoping to get out as fast as I came in. Then my bad charger got the better of me and just wouldn’t work! While I was battling with It, two other neighbours had come in, plugged their gadgets and left! What else can be more annoying!

Then I heard his equally annoying voice..
“Any problem, Aisha?”

It’s AISHAT with a ‘T’ at the end, can’t this guy just stop being annoying for 5 seconds? I thought to myself.
“I’m having issues with my charger ni jare.” I replied calmly.

The next words that came out of his mouth were weirdly relaxing which caught me by surprise cos I never knew him to be that nice.
“I have a spare charger you can use for the night, hope you don’t mind?”.

Mind ke? I quickly jumped at the offer without thinking. He gave me the charger and I thanked him before leaving him to his movie he seem concentrated on.

I was back in my room in a matter of seconds and decided to make Poundo yam for myself so I can have a good taste of my vegetable soup since Hussein decided to be a dickhead today. My water boiled in minutes and I got up, went to my kitchen and proceeded in making my delicious Poundo Yam. Then the thought of now much I needed Hussein’s touch started flowing through my mind again. I could imagine his soft silky hands marauding the whole of my body sending me into a shiver of frenzy. I came back to my senses as I started inhaling a burning smell, I thought it was from my Poundo Yam which I’ve overpoured in the boiling water by the way, but it was coming from someone else’s apartment. I finished making my Poundo yam, it was too much that I was sure I won’t be able to consume it all alone, I’ll just throw the remnants away tomorrow morning cos there’s almost no one in the hall to give. Kiki is definitely not an option cos we’re not that close.

I stepped outside my door for fresh air only for the burning smell to have grown stronger with a gigantic smoke emanating from Nini’s… Sorry Kiki’s kitchen window. I rushed to his door banged on it as hard as I could, he open immediately without even asking who was at the door. Before he could say anything rude which was expected, I shouted at him..
“What are you cooking that is about to burn down the whole building?”

He rushed to his kitchen immediately,  to switch off the cooker, and he came outside afterwards. At that moment I pitied the poor little boy and sympathised with him over his burnt dinner. I couldn’t help but laugh at him, which he surprisingly took quite well. We talked a bit and he cried that he doesn’t know what else to eat again.

You’re one lucky unfortunate fucktard, I thought to myself as I remembered I have a hot Poundo yam we could both share in my kitchen.
“Do you care for Poundo Yam, I made it just now with a little vegetable recipe I cooked today cos I went to the market?” I asked.

Like a starved glutton, I could feel him salivating already and he replied…
“Yes.. Yes.. Yes… No problem.”

I went into my room, changed to a mini gown to minimise heat, I had no bra on since I came back from the market in the evening. I really wanted to enjoy my meal not minding the sulky boy that was gonna share it with me. I served the food neatly like I was serving Hussein (in my head). This Hussein boy is missing big-time! And he’ll allow one small boy to enjoy it in his absence. When I got back outside, Kiki was back in his room, waiting for the food I’m sure. *Glutton oshi*. I went inside his room with the food, something I wasn’t entirely comfortable with considering how I was dressed. I proceeded anyway *shebi it’s ordinary Kiki* I told myself.

We started eating and didn’t talk much all through, he devoured the food as if he hasn’t eaten for 40 days and night like Jesus in the Bible.
“Thanks for saving my life.” He mustered after the plates were empty
“From the fire or for the food?” I asked
With a big grin, he replied.. “Both!”
With a cheeky smile on my face, I said.. “Thank God.”

I packed the plates, stood up and went straight to his kitchen to do the dishes (why he’s kitchen? I seriously can’t answer myself). Once I was alone in his kitchen, the sexual thought of that evil Hussein crept into my mind again. The only thing I could think of was Kiki changing to Hussein and hold my waist from behind, plant a gentle kiss on my neck with his hands now fondling my breasts. I could hear Hussein’s voice whjispering into my ears, how much he misses me and can’t wait to have me from behind, right there, right then.

My kneels suddenly buckled and I came back to my senses immediately to check out if Kiki wasn’t looking at me. To my utmost surprise, I caught him with his gaze fixed on my backside (imagine Nicki minaj to be natural, that’s my backside.*exaggeration*). I felt embarrassed at first and called his name twice I think, but he didn’t even blink. I knew his mind had travelled on an impossible journey, I  just smiled and winked at him (still in trans o). That was when I discovered my pantie was soaking wet already from what you already know. See what Hussein has caused now o, I thought to myself. I finished up quickly and went to sit down beside him (he still hasn’t blinked), I had to tap him on the shoulder to wake him up from his imaginary world which would remain an imagination forever, I thought to myself.

Immediately he saw my by his side, he started sweating profusely, I was scared he was having a fever that I had to ask him..
“Kiki, are you OK?”
“I’m fine”.. He replied.

I thought of leaving immediately but I said to myself…. I’m not cheating on Hussein, but there’s no harm in flirting with little Kiki…. I proceeded to calming him down, we talked and watched the movie together. It was just past midnight and I told him I need to go to my room. Just before I left I said to him..
“I caught you staring at my backside, you shouldn’t do that cos it’s rude to stare at a lady”… Trying to feign being offended, but the boy was bold enough to reply..
“I’m sorry I got carried away but I couldn’t help it.”
Hmm, I love a confident guy!
“So what and what did you see exactly that got you carried away?” Was my next question. The bloke just fall my hand when he said..
“I’ll rather not say.”
“Why?” I Countered. He mumbled some things about us being friends and I asked again
“O! And who said we’re now friends?”

His next reply and countenance really took me by surprise. With his eyes fixed on my Ini Edo-esque boobs, (give the boy an A+ in staring, he’s sure good at that) he replied..
“Do you dress this way, cook, clean dishes, watch movies and talk till midnight in a non-friend apartment?”

It was at that moment I remembered truly I wasn’t properly dressed and I realised I was being slutty already. Immediately, I stood up and said..
“You’re so delusional Kiki, goodnight!”

He walked me to the door but still in Hussein mode, I decided to kiss Kiki for just 1 second. He wouldn’t even realise it happened by the time it ended. Just when he was trying to ask a question about why the hall was so quiet, I turned around and planted the kiss directly on his lips without missing my target.

Quick kiss turned deep and wet. 1 second became 2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..seconds. He does responded very well and I must admit, the boy is damn good with his tongue and lips! I could feel my wetness dripping down the inside of my legs already, so I withdrew, left him dumbfounded and replied his question..
“There’s a public holiday on Monday and Tuesday, so a lot of people traveled today or yesterday rather. Dundee!.”

I didn’t look back till I locked my door behind me. A part of me was hoping he’ll knock on my door in like 5 seconds and whatever will happen next.. I don’t know. Another part was telling me to just go to bed and forget it ever happened. Either way, I knew I would be having a really loonngggg night and that I was in deep trouble already.

…to Be Continued!

Written by: The Aggravated Boyfriend
BBM Pin: 7E28B0BC

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