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The more of the below categories your wife or girlfriend fits into, the more likely it is that she will cheat on you:

1. She has lots of close male friends.

2. She has girlfriends who are cheating on their mates.

3. She has an excessive need for attention.

4. She’s materialistic.

5. She views sex as a statement of her femininity – Her identity as a woman is tied to how many men she sleeps with.

6. She’s a thrill seeker or a risk taker.

7. She’s easily bored or leads a dull, routine life.

8. She has been cheated on by her mate.

9. She likes being the center of attention.

10. She’s addicted to alcohol or drugs – Female alcoholics are susceptible to infidelity because their inhibitions will be lowered and their judgment impaired.

11. She has a reputation as a “party girl.”

12. She’s a sex addict.

13. She has a sex drive greater than her partner’s.

14. She’s had lots of sexual experience.

15. She cheated before and got away with it – “Once a cheater, always a cheater”

16. She has a big ego – If she’s extremely egotistic, any man who feeds her inflated ego can easily get her into bed.

17. She suffers from low self esteem.

18. She views sex as a game – Sex is just a game in which she gets points for every man she beds. Even though she may be in love with her partner, she’ll have sex with as many men as possible so she can gain the maximum number of points and win the game.

So, if your bae no fit into any of these categories, she’s either an IT or a HIM. All women cheats….thatz the message am tryna pass across. Thanks.

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